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celebrating the big 3 oh

On the 8th of November I started a new decade. My thirties. Based on that day, they are off to a great start!

Although, if you ever hear the term "Code Green" in Target....beware. It means "child is stuck in a shopping cart". At least that was the case for me on my birthday. Bitty Beau decided he wanted to see if his arm fit through the seat railings. It definitely did...and then didn't want to be pulled out. After a crowd of employees gathered around us, and after the attention of all nearby shoppers was gained, the toddler's arm was safely pulled out of the rails. "Happy Birthday"!

I had previously told MattyB that I did NOT want to celebrate my birthday. I have been in such a funk over the idea of turning thirty, no thanks to some drama that's also looming over our lives.

Regardless, luckily for me, Matthew did not listen & took great effort in planning a spectacular evening!

We started the evening (Beau free) with dinner at Iavarones. I've never been there, but had heard so many great things. Who doesn't love Italian eateries by the mob?

The food, drinks, & ambiance were great!

Flirtini Martini....thought I'd try something new (ya know, had to steer clear of my normal Cosmo...)

The company wasn't so bad either ;)

I was eye balling their Tiramisu for dessert, but MattyB said we had to split because we had dessert plans elsewhere.

I coerced him to spill his guts - and my hunch was correct - we had a reservation at the Melting Pot!!! Yummo!!!

So upon arriving to The Melting Pot, Matthew gives his name, and then "bless his heart" the hostess spills the beans about "oh the rest of your party is here!".

Sure enough, he had arranged for my girlfriends to all be there to celebrate :)

Apparently we couldn't all look at the right camera, at the same time. 

For not having wanted to celebrate this birthday, I am so thankful that Matthew planned this all. It was such a fun evening!

Now here's to hoping this decade is the BEST yet!

a celebration of 2 lives in 2 very different ways....

April 14th marked BB's 1 year birthday! We had a celebration fit for a 'little man', complete with mustaches, bow ties, and some cake smashing.

April 18th a dear friend, Daniel, passed away. He had a long, courageous battle with cancer. He is the husband of my best friend, Erin - who is no doubt, hands down, one of the STRONGEST women I know.

We celebrated his life April 23rd.

Watch this video, he left quite the legacy.

Daniel's parents, George & Nancy, are another example to me of strength, but more so faith. They have their only 2 children in Heaven, Daniel & his younger brother Matthew. Matthew passed in a car wreck when he was 15.

Faith is what they exude.

As a Christian, I know that faith is a necessity. To have faith that there is a reason for everything - and that it's God's reason. It's hard though to fathom the "why".

One day though, all questions will be answered....

The month of April brought so much laughter & great memories, but it also brought so many tears. Causes me to want to hug my loved ones a little tighter, and make sure that they all know how much they mean.

Do you have an example of faith in your life?

Do you have a courageous woman in your life?

I gave Erin this bracelet....leave it to me, when I can not find the words to say I use fashion!

This bracelet is called COURAGE. It is one of our 'friendship ties'.
The card it comes on reads: From caring comes strength

How has your April been?