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we are F A M I L Y

I recently took a significant PLUNGE into the WAYYYY deep end of the pool.....

I decide to add on my business adventures: KEEP Collective AND EVER Skincare


Because I'm crazy.
And because I really believe in the mission that Stella & Dot has. Stella & Dot is now a family of brands, appealing to a much broader audience.

I have had an amazing response to KEEP Collective and this business lets my creativity soar. Customers are able to design their own pieces, in a sense. Everything is a la carte. You begin with a base piece, and then add these charms called "keys".

I LOVE executing ideas for customers - so if you have ANY - please email me!!!

So sure, you can see why I'd jump in to KEEP, but why EVER???? Well two big reasons....
1. my skincare regimen was not existent - I was in need of a new regimen
2. me & MattyB have been "cleaning up" our eating habits, and every household product we it was time I implemented that with my skin!

EVER Skincare is totally botannically based. Seriously, stop reading, go to your cosmetics / skincare products & read the ingredients in them, then google them. Kinda scary huh????

I love this video....take the 5 minutes & please watch it. Then email me that you did & what you learned.

I believe in this product & so does the company....there is a 45 day money back guarantee!!!!!

Email me for an introductory offer. I'm offering such a sweet deal because I want you to clean up your skincare graveyard ;)