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flossy flossy

Welp, the iPod struck again.

I was in the tail end of my 4 mile run yesterday...@ 3.7 miles to be exact...& then it happened. IT QUIT WORKING.

My legs kept going & the iPod decided it wanted to "search for sensor" instead.

Luckily my treadmill is reliable. 

Other than that, it was a great run. The training plan said to run at a 10:24 pace, but I stuck with a 9:50/10:00 pace.

I followed up the run with the Physique57 Abs & Arms Booster. This is only the second time I've done this particular dvd (since the plan only calls for once a week, every other week), but already I noticed improvement. I also noticed how much more conscience I was over my form. The instructors really stress pointing toes / tightening abdominals / straightening legs.

Well, I'm off to the dentist! I love going to the dentist...for real, no sarcasm.

Do you love or hate going to the dentist?

I'm not sure why I like it. Everyone in my family hates it. 

I do dislike that high pitched pick thing that shoots water though.

Oh & the fact that I get a horrible case of bed head - but only on the back part of my head.

Yay for clean chompers though!

i was born this way

I don't know WHAT is going on with Blogger lately, but I've tried to comment on several of your blogs & it's just not letting me!

Whether you're a Lady Gaga fan or not...I thought that this was interesting & wanted to share it with you.

FitSugar posted a workout based around Lady Gaga's music.

yes, i was born this way. out of the womb with leather on.

Here's some excerpts:
After keeping pace with Gaga's hottest tunes, it's time to hit the floor. Since the outrageous dresser tends to show off her flat abs, we'll start with some tummy toners (but we'll skip the crunches, thank you very much!). If you can wait out the 40-second intro, "Government Hooker" has a beat that's just made for repetitive moves. Try Gwyneth Paltrow's waist-whittler, courtesy of trainer Tracy Anderson: Lie faceup with legs extended. Roll onto left side and extend left arm in front of you, right arm across torso, fingertips to floor for support. Lift left (bottom) leg and cross left leg over right. Keep right foot pointed and heel on floor the entire time. Do 15 reps. To target the lower abs, try the modified hundred: Lie faceup, legs raised, knees bent 90 degrees. Inhale, then exhale, lifting head and shoulders off mat, arms extended at shoulder height, palms down. Inhale as you pump arms up and down five times, then exhale and pump five more times. Do 10 times, for 100 pumps. Repeat both moves for the duration of the song.


Don't worry — we haven't forgotten about your legs (Gaga's always seem a mile long in her leotards). The singer used ballet-inspired moves in her video for "Born This Way," so we're going to go with a couple dance moves during "Bad Kids." First, the leg circle: Stand with back of chair to your left, heels together, toes turned out. Hold chair with left hand; reach right arm overhead; extend right leg to side at hip level, toes pointed. With hips stable, trace 10 tiny circles clockwise, then 10 the other way. Switch sides; repeat. For bonus calf firming, do move on ball of standing foot. Next, a classic releve: Stand on right leg, toes turned out, left foot resting on right calf. Raise arms overhead, elbows slightly bent; contract abs and lift right heel off floor, coming onto ball of foot. Lower heel for one rep. Do 10 reps slowly, then 20 reps quickly. Switch sides; repeat. Repeat both moves for the duration of the song.

Check out the rest of the FitSugar post for more of the workout!


Okay, so how did everyone's finales turn out last night!?
Not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed about the one I watched.

I added a link to Naughty Monkey's Facebook page on the right panel. Please click on it to like their fan page, and then to like my video!

Yes, I created a video.

Ridiculous. The things I do for a free trip & fashion show.

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Today is my speed training run. I'm not looking forward to it.

What workout(s) do you have planned for this Hump Day?

no joke

Isn't it funny when you turn on the television & see someone you personally know?

i know one of the bachelors

Enough of that...

Yesterday I started the Physique57 workouts...and let me just say, they are NO JOKE.

Here's what their website has to say about the workouts:

Physique 57® is a focused and proven cardiovascular program of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches. Physique 57® tones your seat, abdominals, thighs and arms; strengthens your legs and back; and improves posture to produce a beautiful, sexy body. Our interval training sets use your own body weight for resistance, and through dynamic exercises your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief. We call our process Interval Overload – overloading the muscle to create long, lean sexy muscles.

There are 2 volumes & each volume includes: a 57 minute full body workout, a 30 minute express (full body) workout, and a 30 minute booster (either abs & arms, or seat & thighs depending on the volume).

So yesterday, I did the 30 minute express workout before my run.

Holy burn in my thighs.

There is a lot of repetitions, and the fact that this is focused around barre work, makes you really engage your core for stability.

I'll give a more comprehensive review of the series once I've completed 30 days.

After my legs stopped shaking from the P57 workout, I hopped on the TM to do my training run.

During the 1st mile I really thought that I wasn't going to make it all 5 miles. My legs felt like jello.

I was pretty shocked when I finally looked down at the tracker & saw I had already ran 1.2 I stayed on track & pushed through the jello feeling.

I ended up with 5.2 miles, at a 9:50 pace.

Anyone planning to watch the finales that are airing tonight? The Biggest Loser or Dancing With the Stars?

get your grub on america

This morning MattyB, me, & a group of our friends from church, headed out to our local Feeding America warehouse to volunteer.

Here is some information about the organization from their website:

Across the country one in six people struggles with hunger. Of the 37 million people who are unsure where their next meal will come from, Feeding America Tampa Bay provides food to over 400,000 people in our 10 county service area in West Central Florida.

As a food bank, Feeding America Tampa Bay is a resource to hundreds of approved charities that run some type of feeding program. These include soup kitchens, emergency food pantries, emergency shelters, and Kids Cafe sites.

This agency partner network is a very efficient way to get food to those in need according to need, and it is our general means of distributing food.

An amazing fact:

In 2010 Feeding America Tampa Bay distributed almost 19 million pounds of surplus donated food into a 10-county service area in West Central Florida. It was accomplished in partnership with hundreds of approved non-profit charity partners, direct distributions, and our Kids Cafe programs.

So, our group had the pleasure of organizing the food for distribution. Us gals took on the juice/coffee aisle, while the boys tackled the condiments/crackers/snacks aisle.

Our aisle looked so much better :)

For real, I have never been around so much Capri Sun...holy fruit juice. My OCD tendencies kicked in full force (luckily my friend Shannon is also Type A so she completely understood). Together Shannon & I totally tackled the Capri Sun. Oh we didn't just organize the, those puppies were grouped according to flavor as well.

Okay, we may have gone a little overboard.

Do you volunteer anywhere?

Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with lunch at this little gem:

They're pretty well known around here. Matty prefers their cubans & deviled crab (which is like the size of your head!...I could be exaggerating....but it's huge, definitely big enough to share). I haven't quite figured out what I like best...but I definitely got the man taking our order to raise his eyebrows at me when I ordered a cuban without ham :) 

Matty decided to go golfing after I decided to do my long run. 9 miles, my longest distance to date for running.

My knees are killing me. Probably from the bending & squatting this morning, and then the run.

Did you get a workout in today?

How did you spend your weekend?

My Friday night was spent at the ball fields...being a supportive wife. MattyB's softball season was coming to an end, so he had the championship games. Thursday night there was a double header, and then another double header Friday night.

matt & a few of the "orange crush" players

luckily amanda was there or else it would have been a really long 2 hours

And now it's time for some Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Don't judge.