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too cool for drool

It's time for a giveaway hop!!!!
The TOO COOL FOR DROOL hop is hosted by

Be sure to check out all the other blogs in the hop! You'll see that super fun linky at the bottom of the post ;)

This loop of giveaways is all about preschool kiddos & their moms!!!

So I am giving away a $15 gift card to TARGET
an engravable charm from Stella & Dot!!!!

With the rate my 3 year old is growing, I know how frequently I have to buy new clothes for him....needless to say, SHOES! And Target has such cute & affordable gear!

Stella & Dot, with their cute engravables, is such a chic & stylish way to wear your "heart on your neck" or wrist....or whatever ;)

So the winner will have their choice of our engravable circle charm or ID tag, engraved with whatever they want! 
(There are some character limitations, please be advised)

Here are some ideas:

Contest ends on September 15th

Winner will have the choice of our ID tag in silver or gold, OR our engravable disc charm in silver or gold. 

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tuesday's weekly want!

Time for another Weekly Want!

This week, it's our Chiara Pendant Necklace!

Genuine leather backed, pendant with embroidered neutral sparkle detail, vintage silver accents and soft fringe. 
  • Vintage silver plating. 
  • 30" with 2" extender. 
  • Lobster clasp closure.

sunday style

Sunday style! We have some sunshine & warm rain! 

Paige Denim Jeans
Booties (not available anymore)

 Just another awkward "not looking at the camera" picture.

Havana (just a portion of the pendant)

Snakeskin from KEEP Collective
(added KEEP keys to leather band)
Artisan Stretch (set of 3)

we are F A M I L Y

I recently took a significant PLUNGE into the WAYYYY deep end of the pool.....

I decide to add on my business adventures: KEEP Collective AND EVER Skincare


Because I'm crazy.
And because I really believe in the mission that Stella & Dot has. Stella & Dot is now a family of brands, appealing to a much broader audience.

I have had an amazing response to KEEP Collective and this business lets my creativity soar. Customers are able to design their own pieces, in a sense. Everything is a la carte. You begin with a base piece, and then add these charms called "keys".

I LOVE executing ideas for customers - so if you have ANY - please email me!!!

So sure, you can see why I'd jump in to KEEP, but why EVER???? Well two big reasons....
1. my skincare regimen was not existent - I was in need of a new regimen
2. me & MattyB have been "cleaning up" our eating habits, and every household product we it was time I implemented that with my skin!

EVER Skincare is totally botannically based. Seriously, stop reading, go to your cosmetics / skincare products & read the ingredients in them, then google them. Kinda scary huh????

I love this video....take the 5 minutes & please watch it. Then email me that you did & what you learned.

I believe in this product & so does the company....there is a 45 day money back guarantee!!!!!

Email me for an introductory offer. I'm offering such a sweet deal because I want you to clean up your skincare graveyard ;)

tailored clothing is my jam

In case you missed it on Instagram......

I had a date night with ol MattyB on Saturday night & got to wear my new jumpsuit from the fabulous Marcy of Kaiya Designs.

I am in love with the brand.

Seriously, it took some convincing on my part for me to get Matt to agree to dropping the dinero on the jumpsuit....but you really can not put a dollar figure on a custom tailored outfit. I mean, I picked out the fabric for Pete's sake!

Go check out Kaiya Designs here:

I styled this jumpsuit with....
Zuni necklace (the long necklace)
Crescent necklace
On the Mark necklace
Luna wrap bracelet
Pave' cuff bracelet

Have any customized / tailored clothing in your closet? 

jewelry storage

This post is LONG overdue - but better late than never.

A ridiculously long time ago, I found a FREE entertainment armoire on one of those "garage sale" Facebook groups. It was free - - the lady posting is just wanted it gone stat. I had a quick vision of what it could be & sent a pic of it to MattyB to get approval. I then stuck my claim in it - and awaited it's arrival to our house.

Little to Matt's knowledge the thing is a beast & weighs like a million pounds.

So during this same period of time I was crushing hard on giving pieces of furniture a makeover. Naturally I reached out to my uber talented friend, Emily of Cox & Company Designs to help out....which turned in to her actual overhauling the piece!!!
(This was so long ago, that since that point we both have birthed our second baby.)

Okay so I had to share the before & afters....and the new purpose of what once was a home to a television.

The piece never made it into my home unfinished - - - these are the pictures that were posted in the Facebook group. 

Home to a TV & all the other entertainment pieces. Doors slid back. 

The finished product.......
(Emily did an AMAZING job!)

Red high gloss paint with gold trim. 
Doors are now hinged & do not slide in. 

And it now holds all of my Stella & Dot!!!!!

The mirror is covering the large hole for cords - when it was used to house a television.

MattyB installed hooks along the sides to hold necklaces, scarves, toddlers.

There is enough space in the nook (where the dvd player / FIOS box would have lived, to stack my trays for trunk shows (which are stocked with jewelry). 

Enough room on the sides to store some boxes, for easy access. 

Down below....

Emily did a fantastic job painting the diagonal stripes on the drawer. 
The drawer houses 2 portfolios of jewelry, and some random pieces for display purposes at shows.

And the bottom cabinets are storage for my totes that I use for transport, and other miscellaneous display pieces. 

So this post was WAYYYYY overdue. But hopefully you have gotten some style-spiration for how to house your beloved accessories! Didn't Emily do SUCH A GREAT JOB!?!?! Having interior design talented friends is a total plus ;) 

See more of Emily's work here: #/coxandcodesigns?fref=ts
Display items can be found HERE or by emailing me.

Tell me about any overhauls you have done! 
How do you store your jewelry?

stylist perk

Just wanted to share this necklace I received back at the beginning of April from Stella & Dot, as a gift. Let's just call it a perk to the business....

There was an incentive program set up that coincided with what we were running for new stylists....if a new stylist joined by January 31st of this year - they had the ability to earn a rebate in the amount of their investment kit! (Um, hi, they in essence would have signed on for FREE.)

So in turn, us as stylists had the incentive that if we could launch TWO new stylists to success (meaning them sell $1000 during their first 60 days) - then we would earn this necklace. If you're rolling your

When we as stylists bring on a new person, it's referred to as "sponsoring". Sponsoring kind of comes more naturally to me than selling. The hard part with sponsoring is getting those you sponsor to have the same drive & tenacity that you do. That's where it gets tricky.

The fact that I earned this necklace - well that just speaks SO much to me. It means that 2 new gals have taken the HUGE leap of faith to sign on as a stylist, and have since actually earned back their investment PLUS MORE all within 2 months time!!!

I am stoked for these ladies & can not wait to see what else 2015 holds for them!

On another note - this necklace does NOT photograph well, in my opinion. So at first I was like "meh" - over being awarded it. But then I got in the mail.....and BAM. It's a beaut! The color is a "hot coral" and it really is stunning.

a little q&a

I have been getting more emails lately about being a Stella & Dot stylist, so I thought I'd take it to the blog. (I'm also hosting an informative yet super casual event via Facebook next week. If you're interested, send me an email so I can get you the details!)

I am 34 weeks pregnant, mom to an adorable toddler, and wife to one amazing guy. I also work full time as a purchasing manager (3 days from home, 2 from the office) why on earth would I want to add to my already full plate???

Easy. The style is irresistible, and if "mama ain't happy...." ;) I have been with Stella & Dot for 2 years now. It was a huge thing for me to join a direct selling company....the stigma that comes with direct sales is not one I really wanted to have to deal with. A few bad apples, in my opinion, had ruined the entire bunch - - in this instance, one direct sales company being a "scheme", to me meant that all direct sales were a "scheme".

For anyone considering any position with a direct sales company, keep this in mind: pyramid schemes are illegal. Just because a company is "direct sales" does not mean it's a pyramid. I had to get that through my head when I was researching Stella & Dot.

Some of the top questions I have been asked regarding Stella & Dot:
1. What is the initial investment? I normally reply with, "what's your interest level?" We offer 3 different starter kit options: $199, $499, & $699. All of them provide you with a business in a box: everything you need to get your business off the ground. If this is more of a hobby option for you, then stick with the $199 kit. If you are looking to perhaps make a career change, then go for the $699 kit.
2. Do you actually make money with this? Um, YES. From the first day you sign on, you make 25% commissions on all of your sales. There is a potential of making 30% and even 35% commissions. Everything is laid out for you, and really user friendly. If you decide to "build a team" by sponsoring others that love the brand, then you'll build on your earnings and make even more. The potential to earn a living is definitely there - - - but like with working out, you get what you put into it!
3. How many hours do I have to work? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. This is your business. You would set your hours, and you would be the only one keeping YOU accountable. You could do a trunk show a month (average about $250 commissions), or you could do 4 trunk shows a month (average about $1000 commissions). I like to suggest to those asking me, evaluate your goals & needs. That will determine how much you "have to work". To be honest, this doesn't feel like work to me. I thoroughly enjoy working this business! Isn't that the best job? To work somewhere that you look forward to "working"???

With all that said, there are sporadic sign up specials that our corporate office offers throughout the year. One was literally just launched yesterday: an extra $100 in product credit to all new stylists. If you are even the least bit intrigued by this company, shoot me an email and let's discuss your hesitations / questions / concerns.

spring trend report, pt. 3

Catch up on part 1 here, and part 2 here

Let's chat about the Floral Rocker trend to try this spring!

Aren't those necklaces stunners!?!

Watch this video if you get a second to hear more on how to wear the trend. 

Here's a great "bang for your buck" piece....a statement necklace under $100!

I wore this necklace layered with another...

Here it's layered with the Somervell

I like to add some "edge" via my arm party....

Like so...

Bracelets top to bottom:
1, 2, 3

So what do you think? Will you try the floral rocker trend???

spring trend report, pt. 2

Here is Part 2 of the Spring Trend Report. Catch up on part 1, HERE.

The 2nd trend for spring is GILDED FRINGE

This is one of my favorite trends! It's like a mix of boho & chic.

Here are some images I have come across from NYFW....

Here's some accessories to incorporate the trend.....

So what are your thoughts? Will you be trying out the "fringe" trend?

spring trend report, pt. 1

The spring trend report is out and I want to make sure you are fully made aware of what trends you should be trying this spring! (For those of you snowed in, perhaps this will bring you "warm" thoughts!)

This post will focus on the trend of BRILLIANT BRIGHTS.

Nothing says spring like some bold, bright colors. This trend can be easily incorporated now, in winter, and carry you through to spring.

I love this blurb on Pantone's site regarding color trends for spring 2014.....
Three very adaptable pastels sit on one end of the palette, and, because we are so accustomed to seeing them as nature's background, they can be creatively combined with any other color in the spectrum. Placid Blue, like a picture-perfect, tranquil and reassuring sky, induces a sense of peaceful calmness, while Violet Tulip, a romantic, vintage purple, evokes wistful nostalgia. Similar to the verdant shade of springtime foliage, Hemlock, a summery, ornamental green, provides a decorative touch that's very different from the greens of recent seasons. Pair any of these versatile pastels with a bolder hue for an au courant look.
Sand, a lightly toasted and amiable neutral, conjures images of the beach and the carefree days of summer. Try pairing Sand with Hemlock for perfect, natural balance. Paloma serves as a quintessential neutral, interesting enough to be worn alone or combined with any color for sophisticated poise.
Cayenne, a high-pitched red, adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals, and heightens the excitement when mixed with Freesia, a blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate wardrobes this season. A tropical, floral-inspired shade, Freesia's warmth and energy help set the stage for Celosia Orange, an optimistic, spontaneous hue. Pair Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip for a captivating vision, much like the setting summer sun.
The palette is brought full circle with Radiant Orchid, a bold counterpart to Violet Tulip, andDazzling Blue,a scintillating, polar opposite to Placid Blue. Surprisingly, these strong, vibrant colors also pair well across the palette: They are perfect companions to pastels, and add confidence and vivacity when mixed with other bold colors.

And this little video explains the trend as well...

So, here are some examples.....





You can see all of these pieces & more HERE

Which color will you be trying out!?!

add some perf to your accessories

Perf as in perforations!

I got to listen in to the design inspiration & design techniques used for our spring line. The spring line has some beautiful pieces that I can not wait to share with you - so I thought I'd dedicate a post each week to the design behind pieces from this new collection.

Today, it's our perforated pieces. Normally the perforation technique is reserved for high end couture because of it's requirement to detail & it's tedious handwork. The following pieces were designed after our Avalon necklace.

Our design team took this pattern & hand stamped it onto a tote & a clutch.

The Avalon Tote......

This Avalon tote comes with a detachable linen pouch. Here are some inside shots of the bag....

The Shift tote also features this fabulous perforation.....

An extra cool detail here is that the front pocket detaches! 
It is a CLUTCH!!!
Last but not least, this technique is also featured on the Double Clutch....

This clutch is awesome. It boasts 2 zippered pockets, with one that includes credit card slots.
It snaps closed & when you open, you are greeted with a little mirror and "Hello Gorgeous"!

Here's a quick inside peek....

For all the design behind these pieces, they are at an affordable price!

Which one is your favorite!?