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While the cat's away, the mouse will play

Well, this was my passenger seat yesterday after work. I headed to Bealls Home Outlet ~ they are relocating which means liquidation sale! Super stoked. Since "you know who" is gone for the weekend, I have to make the most of every minute! Matt is letting me "re do" some rooms in our house. Pictures to come!

And here is a picture of the backseat of Mama Dukes' car after our Nordies' adventure:

In true shopper fashion, we arrived at Nordstrom when they opened. Lucky for us, the shoe department was having a GREAT sale!
How cute is this shoe box?!? Ha, part of the sale was the box! It looks like a shopping bag! The shoes aren't bad either. 

Finally found a cross body bag! Elliot Luca has an amazing selection...I opted for snakeskin & mom, the pewter. The chain is like looks super cute on.

We finished up at Nordstrom & moved on to the Nordstrom Rack ~ where I found these Sperry's! I'm an imposter boater.

No, the ones on the left are NOT mine! Bought those for the hubs. The cute plaid ones are mine though!
How "his & hers" of us, huh? 
Actually, I was feeling a little guilty that I was finding all these great buys & poor Matt was fishing :( Oh wait, he CHOSE to go. It's not like he's fishing for food or anything. So anyways, I got him the Sperry's & then found this super chic men's dress shirt. I'm sure he's going to hate it. 

So in true What Not To Wear's what I got:
3 pairs of shoes ~ 4 if you include Matt's
2 MAC lipgloss
 1 purse
1 dress
1 top
1 men's dress shirt
1 cardigan
1/2 a set of bangles ~ ha, mom found this killer set & there was only we went halfsies ~ she's forgetful though, so in a week they'll all be mine
Too bad isn't what on What Not To Wear's tab!

I'd like to interrupt this fashion rambling to tell you to DRINK WATER. I was super annoyed today, the only reason we STOPPED shopping....besides the fact that we don't have an unlimited budget....I was so feeling dehydrated. Sure we had water with us...but it wasn't nearly enough. And shopping is a sport, we don't stop for "breaks" keep going if you expect any deals!
No pain, no gain baby!

Well, I'm off to spend an hour with Tony Horton, P90X'ing it up ~ then it's off to a celebratory birthday dinner!

Tminus 24 hours before Matt's triumphant return!