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technology hates me

Does anyone else have issues with their ipod?
I just synced my run for today....4.56 miles & went to review my mileage for the month. It only logged today's run for this week.


I ran 2.4 yesterday, & it's not showing up.

It could be operator error...but honestly, it's the same routine after every run.

I just hope it doesn't do this tomorrow. I have the 10K...

Yes I have until 4pm on April 28th to sync it...but I only have a small window of time where I'm able to run.

Is anyone else planning to run this event?

Speaking of - my shirt arrived...

And if you're in the market for new running tops - these Nike tops are great. Super comfortable & great fabric.

I'm off to entertain Dexter until Matteo arrives home from work.
I have a weird hankering for sweet potato - - - dinner is planned!

Do you ever get weird cravings after a workout?
I always crave milk after a long run.

it IS a Good Friday!

I normally don't post about food - but my lunch the past few days has been nothing short of yummy. I branched away from the eggs for lunch (don't worry though, they're still in my breakfast), and have been creating wraps.

Wednesday's wrap...cut up like sushi :)

So the picture doesn't do it justice...but it was super yummy!
Canned tuna (drained), greek yogurt, Lousianna hot sauce, and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow's garlic & herb cheese (you could really use any flavor - I decided I wanted to have KICKIN' breath) - - mix it all together & shmear it on a whole wheat wrap. Delish. (I also had some strawberries incase you were dying to know).

I devoured my lunch Thursday before taking a picture of it - BUT it consisted of hummus & spinach leaves all wrapped up. I chose peaches instead of strawberries as the side item.

And today? Well it's chicken with another wedge of that yummy Laughing Cow garlic & herb & some more spinach! Strawberries on the side of course.

I'm ecstatic it's Friday. It's been a long week. And I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow with my M-I-L for my S-I-L! 

Have any weekend plans??? Are you on Spring Break?? (I'm jealous if you are.)

I think Spring Break should be a recognized holiday week by ALL. Except for the mall. I'd want to shop while I was holiday-ing :)

a love affair

I was packing my lunch this morning, before I left for work & noticed that my 18 pack of eggs was down to 2. My 18 pack of eggs that I just started using 6 days ago.


"Hi, some days I'm FashionablyFit, other days I'm GrosslyGargantuan, but on both days, I'm addicted to eggs."

Luckily, Matty knew about my torrid love affair with eggs prior to marrying me.

Not only am I out of eggs (1 left in the carton after I packed the 1 for breakfast)...BUT we're also out of these:

Um, those are pretty AH-MAZING. We bought a bulk pack at Sam's Club...and they are all gone :( Apparently I had devoured half the box & poor Matty had only had 2. (In my defense, I was taking 1 every day for lunch). Regardless, he hid what was left.


On top of that he lectured me that I needed to finish my bulk pack of Larabars. And then proceeded to tell me that for every 2 Larabars, I can have 1 Clif.

Until the other day...I went in the Larabar box to begrudgingly get 1, lo & behold, he had mistakenly placed 1 of the Clif's in there. It was fair game. I bi-passed the Larabar for the Clif.

It was like finding a $20 in a pair of just washed jeans.

I know I have discussed addictions before....and maybe this just further reitterates that I have an addictive personality...BUT are there any food items that you are just utterly addicted to?

Cynthia Sass had an interesting article about food addictions & the science behind it. Plus some added tips to avoid the triggers...if you want to check it out.

On my "splurge days" my food of choice is pizza.
Especially from this place

So spill it...good or you have any food addictions? Does anything in particular trigger it, like watching TV, seeing an ad, running, etc?