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go from drab to fab in jeans & a tshirt

I live in jeans & a tshirt. It's a very special occasion that I venture out of this fabulous uniform ;)

My favorite tees are the PINK brand ones from VS normally always layered with one of these tanks.

So here are a few pieces that I like to add to my ensemble to make me not feel all grungy.

this necklace is amazing. the stone pendant is reversible and 
there is a removable "s" hook so you can change the length
it's called the SANIBEL find it HERE

this is the TESSA FRINGE and i love how "glam-rock chic" it is. 
(i could have totally just made up that term)
you can find it HERE

a scarf is always a fun accessory - no matter the season!
this black & white pattern with cobalt trim has stolen my heart!
you can find it HERE
and this scarf - i adore the colors for summer AND fall
a great transition piece!
you can find it HERE

A good arm party will brighten up any outfit!!!

(Arm candy by Stella & Dot)

being an entrepreneur....or something like that

I hit my first "Stellaversary"! I have been with Stella & Dot for one year now, and I love it!!!

This company is seriously a dream for me. I have been able to take my longest desire of owning my own boutique and meld it with my life. I think that some skeptics thought I may give up, but I like to think I blew their expectations (or lack thereof), out of the water.

Here's the deal - MattyB & BittyBeau have always been my first priority. Pretty much I put my needs on the backburner as many moms do! (Why do we do this? We all know it's not healthy). Regardless, my life as a stylist is something separate from my men that I love so much. This is a time for me, with no mommy guilt.

I battled with having "girl's night" because of the mommy guilt. The guilt of leaving the baby while I'm off having a good time. I kind of re-programmed my mind with Stella & Dot. This is a way for me to financially contribute to our household!

Enough about all that though....

What other company do you know of that:
1. allows you to give yourself a raise each month
2. sets up totally obtainable incentive programs (free trip to the BAHAMAS for you & a guest!)
3. equips you with the free training to grow your business
4. lets you set your workhours

I still work full time. I haven't "quit my day job". It's nice to know though, that I have the potential of doing my Stella & Dot job as my "day job".

So here's my question: what could you or would you do with extra income?

Here's a little video of some fellow stylists & what their "blue card" has paid for:

what i wore sunday....on wednesday?

Late to the game, but here is a recap of my Sunday fashion!

Dress is from Francesca's
Shoes are Tory Burch

I have yet to find a Tory Burch bag that I LOVE - but man do I LOVE those flats!
Best investment.

The necklace is the Sutton by Stella & Dot

Way 1:
Way 2: 
remove the hook & remove the sparkle strand
Way 3:
with the hook & without the sparkle strand 
Way 4:
sparkle strand by itself
Way 5:
this is how I wore it - just remove the hook

Last but not least....


the bachelorette: i spy stella & dot, finale

Well, the finale.....was it everything you hoped for?

First up was the snake necklace again.....sorry again for the unflattering picture....

....and for the fact that I screwed up :) this is not Stella & Dot :(

But I'm pretty sure that our version is $1000's cheaper :)

Then there is more crying, more bikinis, more beautiful beaches......

And then Drew gets the boot. Poor guy. 

During a quick span of the audience, I did spy one lady wearing the Geneve Lace earrings in Rose Gold

When Chris interviewed Sean & Catherine, then Jackie, Lindsey, & Leslie....
Jackie was wearing a side lying cross is the Stella & Dot version:

Did anyone else find that whole interview awkward? I mean Sean & Catherine were right there. I just felt awkward for everyone apparently!

On a side note, Lindsey was looking so great! I loved her dress & her hair looked phenomenal! 

On to the rest of the show!

I still can not stand Des' brother.....
But then Neil Lane showed up & made everything better with sparkles :)

Did anyone else love Des' earrings at the final rose ceremony? 
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, may I suggest the Deco Drops?

And then she said yes....who wouldn't say yes to a Neil Lane ring? Holler Baller.

the bachelorette: i spy stella & dot, july 29th episode


What did you think about Brooks' exit??? All the hype this season over this particular episode - was it everything you hoped for!?!? :)

Well let's get down to it....since Des was sporting more bikinis this episode, I spotted more of Stella & Dot's delicate pieces - with the exception of one of the interviews.

So I'm not entirely 100% on this one, but this necklace appears to be the Rebel Pendant

If it's not the Rebel Pendant then it should be :)

Flashing back to Drew's hometown date....

I blogged all about this beauty in my last it here.

This tiny little delicate made 2 appearances.....

(sorry for the less than flattering pic!)

It's the Sidewinder

And finally, more of the interview of her wearing the Tempest

A great rocker glam piece for fall :)

what i wore....THURSDAY

I hope your Thursday has been well. Mine has been....t.i.r.i.n.g

BittyBeau had an allergy test done yesterday, which means he had blood drawn. It was so difficult! Telling your 15 month old to sit still while you pretty much lock him down with your arms while he sits in your lap is not easy! Poor little man was terrified.

Which led to a horrendous evening in our household. He did not want to be by himself at all. I think he was traumatized. So needless to say he slept in our bed - not his crib. So 2 cute little feet were in my rib cage or back at any given time during the night. Except when he was 1000 degrees and wanting to cuddle. Such a sweet sweaty child :)

All for 2 viles of blood which will hopefully bring clarity to his eczema!

So today - I'm operating on about 4 hours of sleep. (I know that's probably a TON of sleep for you...)
Which means I'm sporting some really awesome bags under my eyes!

My outfit today is brought to you courtesy of Nordstrom Rack, Buckle, Tory Burch, and Stella & Dot.

I am really more elated by my necklace & my sweater!

the brand of my cardigan is "Charlotte"
and judging by the fact i can not find it anywhere online - i'm thinking it's 5 seasons old

back :)
ignore the super plain bathroom shot....

This necklace can be worn several ways!!!! It's called the Sanibel Pendant :)

long with green quartz

long with smoky glass

short with smoky glass

short with green quartz

Here's some design info for you....
You'll just flip over this reversible pendant. Wear long or doubled with removable S-hook. Decisions, decisions.
  • Available in gold and silver.
  • Gold with smooth dyed quartz shimmers on one side. Smoky facted glass on the other.
  • Silver with semi-precious labradorite shimmers on one side. Aqua faceted glass on the other. 
  • 34.5" long. Necklace length can be extended with our Bold Chain Extender.
  • Wear long or wear the chain doubled with removeable s hook.
  • Gold or silver plating.
  • Lead and nickel safe.
So there is a removable "s" hook - which is the key to shortening it. You can play around with the length when you shorten just depends where you clasp it.

Isn't it cool????
It's an insane amount of bang for your buck!

the bachelorette: i spy stella & dot, july 15th episode

Home town date time! What did you all think?

Here are the Stella & Dot pieces I spotted on Des.

On Zak's hometown date & the sno-cone fun, Des rocked a cute motorcycle jacket with the On the Mark necklace in silver.

On Drew's hometown date....

Here she is rocking the Sanibel Pendant!

wondering why Des' necklace looks longer? That 'S' hook is removable!

On Chris' hometown date....
Wearing the Valor Pendant & explaining Chris' dad seeing her better side
On Brooks' hometown date....
The Tempest Necklace....a personal fave :)

And then Nate returned....
Talking with her weirdo, DB brother....does anyone like that guy??? 
Here she is rocking the Wesley Pendant.

Until next week, go check out all the new fab finds on Stella & Dot!!!

the bachelorette, i spy stella & dot, episode july 8th

So was anyone else surprised to see some of the girls from Sean's season??? Is this a new thing the producers are doing? And did anyone else feel awkward when Des asked Catherine "how are things with Sean?"!?

Um, awkward.

I was super let down this week. I thought something BIG happened last night. But no. Nothing. The dumb preview from last week was a lie. 

Kinda like when Chris always says "and stay tuned for the most dramatic rose ceremony YET!"


And that's my recap. Now on to the spottings....

Well, the first thing I noticed was Catherine's necklace.....

So as anyone would do, I paused the show & zoomed in :)

I'm nearly positive this one of our charm necklaces!

Unless The Possessionista proves me wrong.....

The second & final spotting was Des on her date with Brooks....

Not a great picture at all - but MattyB & I tried our best with pausing :)

Now do you see the pop of orange in there?

Yeah, that's the Olivia Bib necklace!

Or so it appears :)

Are you enjoying The Bachelorette this season?