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it's week...

I never knew all the words to that BareNaked Ladies song...

Today I ran. Not hard, not fast, not far...but I ran lightly jogged.

It was kinda ironic: I started at 10:00pace, got to 1.5mph, then Dr.Matt called to tell me "take it easy". Bleh. I dropped the speed & my pace went to 11...and then I played with the incline for a bit.

So I jogged, walked, inclined, a total of 4 miles.

I'm almost back.

Oh, and it's attempt #2 for the dentist tomorrow morning.

Kinda reminds me of the FRIENDS episode where Phoebe won't go to the dentist, because every time she goes "someone dies". ( Here's the video )

Hopefully that won't be the case here: going to the dentist causes car wrecks.


Okay so Dr.Matt just so nicely pointed out that I laugh at the dumbest things.

Case & point: I took 1 bite of a slice of leftover pizza, put it back in the box, in the fridge for him to find as soon as he got home from work.

Which reminded me of this other incident...

Preface: I had a bad experience with Chinese take out, and did not eat it for 4 years. During that time I only ate Chinese food that my friend Nickie's mom made. Literally.

nickie & me

So when Nickie encouraged me to "give it another shot", Matt was ALL ABOUT IT (since he lived off of it pre-marriage). So we did.

Matt arrives home with a bag of Chinese take out. Matt leaves it on kitchen counter, then goes to bedroom to change. I'm sitting near kitchen & can smell it. I sneak into kitchen, pilfer through the bag, locate a spring roll, take a bite, put it back in the wrapper & put it back in the bag; then I exit the kitchen. Matt returns from the bedroom...
Matt: ready to eat?
Me: bleh, I suppose...
Matt then empties the contents of the bag & puts my portions in front of me. (Which include an un-eaten spring roll - he unknowingly takes the one I bit into. It's still in the wrapper.)

Fast forward to after dinner...
Matt: well? did you like it?
Me: i prefer Nickie's mom's, but i guess it will do
Matt: great! i didn't want to tell you, because i know you probably would have freaked out; but someone took a bite out of my spring roll!
Me: why didn't you tell me!?
Matt: because i thought then you'd definitely never have Chinese food ever again
Me: but you ate it!?!?
Matt: well yeah! i just ate the other end...not the part that was bitten off of!
Me: laughing hysterically it was me.

It doesn't take much to make me laugh.

Please tell me you laugh at dumb things. Or at least at yourself?

Have you ever had a "bad experience" with take-out?