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disney enchanted 10K

I posted about the Disney expo HERE & mentioned how many amazing runs little training I did.

I mean seriously. What the Hades was I thinking?
I have however, been killing it at Pure Barre ;)

And I was running this with my old school running partner, Brittany. We did several races together, back in our "younger" days (ahem, skinnier days) :) We had never done a 10K together....but both of us new that:
A. our time would not be phenomenal
B. we have fun no matter what we are doing

So race start was at 5:30am. Nothing new to me, waking up at the butt crack of dawn. Pure Barre class is at 5:30am, oh & I still have that mini human sleeping in our bedroom that occasionally likes to party between 1am & 4am.

Wake up alarm was at 4:15am....I set MattyB's phone as well. (This was a weekend getaway without the munchkins & I truly thought I was going to over sleep!)

Brittany & I had laid out our costumes the evening before. We went with the villains.....rather than the princess'.

Maleficent (ME)

Ursula (Brittany)

We grabbed our mini Luna bars (hey, thanks goodie bags!) & headed to the start at Epcot.

There were SOOO many people! And it was freezing. But hey, we had our tutus on & were so ready to get this over with.

For whatever reason, Brittany's skirt was all static-y
I mean seriously, get off me!

Lots of people to race past!

Haha, I mean lots of people to race pass us

Fireworks start, and we're off!

Side note, I was NOT thrilled that the first 3 miles of the race were outside of the park :( I mean, I seriously think I would have rathered lap Epcot twice than run outside the park. They did try to provide course entertainment....

Haha, running & snapping a picture. 
That's Anna & Elsa on the overpass that we ran under, singing & making it snow.

Each mile marker had a character sign and / or actual characters. 
No, it did not take me 41 minutes to run a mile.
It was actually 11:35

There was about a 10 minute gap between each corral release. Or so it seemed. I was corral B, and until about mile 3, we kept hearing the fireworks go off & more corrals released. 

Mile 3 let us in to the park - - Norway / China to be exact.

The lines for the characters were RIDICULOUS!
We did a lot of this awkward posing with the character in the background!

So we did a lot of run / walk.
Brittany called it "slogging" :)

We FINALLY finished. 
My legs were LEAD around mile 3. 
While Pure Barre helps endurance, it did not help condition me for running. 
Lol, only running could do that. 

At least we didn't die. 
At least we finished.

And we got the medal.

Time to EAT!

disney expo - princess half marathon weekend

Last weekend was the very popular, Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Flash back to registration back in July of 2014.....the event sold out in a matter of HOURS. At the time, I was 7 months pregnant, and wanting to do the Glass Slipper Challenge. You know, that crazy event where you run the 10K on a Saturday & the half on a Sunday. All for the extra medal :) MattyB talked me down off that ridiculously LARGE cloud, and I just signed up for the 10K.

Fast forward to my's a pretty gosh darn good thing I only did the 10K, because I logged all of TWO runs between having Brooks in October & the race in February. More on that later....

So the expo was at the Wide World of Sports Complex. Not hard to navigate to....but once you're there, it was bit confusing. The bib pick up was in one place....and by place, I mean building. And tshirt / bag pick up was in another building.

Apparently during my registration for the race I checked the box for the commemorative pin. So that was given to me when I got my bib. At first I was like "wow! A free pin!!!", and then I realized it was Disney, nothing is free.

There was a TON of focus on the half. I found one sign / photo op for the 10K.....

We walked the expo...well, what I thought was the expo & then I realized it wasn't the expo. But then we found the real expo....and walked it :)

I had of course hit up the online goody bag that all entrants get. I scored myself a free bookmark (WOO HOO!) & a link to purchase some RawThreads gear before it sold out. Which I totally did.



I was actually disappointed with the physical goody bag we received. There was nothing in it except for the program guide & a mini Luna bar. Yes, goody bags matter, along with the medal.

Since it was just MattyB & I, we took our time browsing the expo, won a few bananas from Chiquita, sampled more Luna bars & picked up some other random goodies. He snapped this pic of me with my ChEAR card....

And I found this tee.....which I loved....

The expo &  surrounding area were pretty crowded, so MattyB & I got our fill & headed out to find dinner. The expo was fun, but as I mentioned, most of the focus was on the half marathon. The Enchanted 10K was like the red headed step sister. I do think the race goody bag needs to be least do a full size Luna bar! ;)