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fashion & fitness friday!

Happy holiday weekend FRIDAY!!!! Can I get a WOOP, WOOP!?
So stinkin' excited for the weekend to be here.

For the fashion aspect of today's post....I have been living in my barre gear lately. Like dirtball, head to work, straight after class (even though I go home first to get the boys). So a few "staple" pieces to at least make me look presentable:

1. Zella sweater - - > this sweater is SOOO lightweight. Just gives you that coverage to make you feel like you aren't showing everything. Plus it has thumbholes. Thumbholes just make any outfit complete ;)

2. On the Mark necklace - - I live in this necklace....literally. I wear it with everything. I think it's a mixture of how cute it is but also the meaning of the arrow. It's always a great reminder to see when I look in the mirror at barre class.

3. LTB bracelet

(Shoot me an email if you want more info on this bracelet!)

For the fitness aspect of today's post...I was recently asked to share more on my fitness regimen by Petro over at ETB Fit.
ETB is just starting up....I invite you to go check out the philosophy behind the brand HERE.

What foods do you eat pre-workout?
Well, when I've been "good" & prepped my meals, I normally 'eat on the go'. I have a 15 minute drive to my Pure Barre studio at the ungodly hour of 5am. Since I sleep until the very last minute, I have to have food that is literally grab.and.go! So my 3 go to items are: hard boiled eggs, almond butter quinoa bars, & english muffin with almond butter. I am normally famished come the middle of class, so even if I'm not "hungry", I normally force myself to eat something during my drive.

What do you listen to during your workout?
Whatever the Pure Barre mix is for the day!!! If I'm lucky to get a workout in at home with my animals kiddos, I normally am not able to wear I listen to them playing, or screaming, or crying.....

How do you switch up certain routines daily / weekly to stay motivated?
Motivation has not been an issue for me lately. The variety of Pure Barre workouts has been amazing. It's entirely different from when I ran 24/7....and did the occasional Physique 57 workout or Ballet Physique. The camaraderie at the studio, encouragement by the instructors & just the FUN of the workouts, keeps me so motivated & interested in the workouts. Plus no 2 workouts are exactly the same. Even if I went every day Sunday through Saturday, not one of the 55 minute sessions would be the exact same. Variety is the spice of life ;)

What do you eat or do after your workout to make sure you got the most out of your workout?
I recently discovered the importance of this!!! I am so happy to share :) So as soon as I get home, I make a PWO shake. I am totally addicted to the CLICK brand's Caramel one. So yummy!!! I just put 12 oz of water in my shaker, 2 scoops of the mix & shake, shake, SHAKE! I used to mix it with Almond Milk, but I prefer the water. I also recently started using BCAA's. I haven't quite found a favorite though....the ones I have tried are wayyyyyy sweet, so what should take me minutes to drink, takes me an hour :/ I'm currently using THIS brand.
So I drink my protein shake while I'm making my breakfast. I am a creature of habit, my breakfast is always 2 eggs & lots of spinach! I can go through 2 cartons of bulk spinach in a week, easy. Along with an 18 pack of eggs. MattyB on the other hand, thinks it's ridiculous :)
I also take my multivitamin.....which I loathe taking this is huge. I was introduced to the FitMiss brand by the fab Kate Horney - so I take their vitamins. FitMiss also has their own protein shakes....I use their Chocolate flavor one to annihilate my sweet tooth. It's awesome for making a brownie batter shake & a chocolate mug cake.

Something to have to enjoy your workout. If you don't enjoy it, you won't stay motivated....especially if you are not seeing any "results". Speaking of results....stop letting the scale determine those results! Take your measurements....notice how your clothes fit....and even pat yourself on the back if you made the choice to NOT have a coke today. It's small changes over time that make lasting results! There is no quick fix. It's hard work & determination!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my progress check in. But here you go if you missed it ;)

I would love to hear from you! Share your Friday-YAY with me! Results? Workouts? Cute new outfit? Spill your guts in the comments!

friday's randomness

Here's a bunch of random meanderings....

Do you keep your workout wear on, well after your workout is over? Do you try and accessorize to make it not look so frumpy when you run errands or go to work?

Yeah, me neither. 

Has anyone else been finding themselves on Zappo's much more lately? Like every day, numerous times a day, in hopes of scoring that trip & race entry?

Yeah, me neither. Stupid glass sneakers.

Has anyone else been watching the RHOC reunion episodes, secretly hoping Vicki gets fired & Gretchen & Tamra reunite as besties!?

Yeah, me neither.

Has anyone else been longing for new post its, and notebooks, and pens, and binders, and May Books, and Erin Condren agendas because of all this 'back to school' shopping taking place - even though you don't have kids in school???

Yeah, me neither.

Has anyone ever wondered what happened to Lisa Frank and why her & the sparkly unicorns suddenly disappeared from stores?

Yeah, me neither.

Just some go enjoy your weekend.

here's your sign

I'm pretty convinced I was in fact drop on my head as a baby.

I'm in week 2 of half marathon training, and I just jumped in to the schedule. I didn't really read the descriptions of what my runs entail, except for the time & mileage.

This morning I had a 45 minute, easy run. Oh, I totally rocked the easy part. Especially since last night's sushi was not sitting well. I always over eat when it comes to sushi.

I got a wild hair today & read away.

My plan has what's called "easy runs" - & yes, I've been wondering what the heck an "easy run" means. Do I walk? Do I jog? What should my pace be? What should my breathing be like? Ya da, ya da, ya da. So I read up on the "easy run" description today.

Here's what it says:


Sorry Coach, but the last time I could do that was 5th grade.
Surely she meant 50 states.
But even then I forget the little ones. Like Texas.
Porkchop on the other hand, is a walking globe. He can tell you north of, south of, east of, west of, & then how to get to Russia.

PTL it's Friday. My brain can rest after trying to recite all 50 capitals.

fitness & fashion friday

So many exciting things going on right now - that I can't quite share yet....BUT it's causing me to clean up this:
online purchases ship to work, duh....shopaholic?
apparently i collect boxes....hoarder?

On to the fitness & fashion!

Workout Recaps:
Monday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 57 minute workout
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 30 minute workout; 3.6 mile run (10:06, 12:02. 13:32)
my run totally blew. crappy run day. womp, womp
Thursday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 57 minute workout; 2.05 mile run (9:33, 10:28)
when I reached 1 mile, the plan was to go to 4 miles, but my mind won & I didn't

We'll see what today & tomorrow bring as far as mileage goes. Training plan part deux for the half marathons starts over the upcoming mileage right now just is not cutting it.

If you're in the market for new dresses....
Ideeli is having an ECI sale today!
Here's an ECI top I bought at their last sale:

And an ECI dress that I love...
yes, i cropped my friend out - she's cuter than me - didn't want y'all to lose focus
Ideeli is also having other sales today that include: Kenneth Cole, baby kicks, sneakers, watches, & bebe shoes.

And be sure to enter my iTRAIN giveaway!!!!

fat guy in a little coat

Happy Friday!

I've only been able to run 1 time this week. It's really starting to depress me.

On a positive note?

I registered for another half:

It brought some cheer to my gloomy week - thinking about another medal.

This whole not being 'active' thing is really sending me into gloomyville.

I miss Physique57's workouts, and experiencing the butt-numbing, core moves to make me look like Kelly Ripa.

I miss running on the TM while watching FRIENDS & nearly flying off the back because I'm laughing so hard & lose my footing.

On top of that, I'm tired of feeling tired.

Matty's now accustomed to me falling asleep mid 7pm.

Plus, it really ruins our Wheel of Fortune quality time.

Yes, I'm 80.

How do you combat the gloominess? Do you ever get real down in the dumps from missing workouts, consecutively?

thursday randomness...

Today is my Friday! Can I get a hal-le-lu-yer!?!?

In other news: I'm a ding dong.

The SheRunsLA 10K was scheduled to start yesterday at 4pm. So I ran at 5pm & then synced my ipod to upload my run to the challenge on Nike+

womp, womp.

The 4pm start time was PACIFIC TIME. I'm East Coast.

So, I've got another 10K scheduled for today. I'm taking it as a sign that I really need to increase my mileage!


Do you have a gym membership?

I used to have a gym membership, but cancelled it right after Matt & I got married.

I'm really missing it now.

The days that I should cross train, make me miss group fitness. That's the only reason I want a gym membership.


Yesterday was Admin Professionals Day

I think my job title is still up for debate. Some days I'm an "office manager", other days I'm an "administrative assistant".
Regardless, I got a nice card & gift card from boss man, aka "dad".

Did you receive anything?


PopSugar is having this giveaway...where the only requirement is to let them know your all time, top 10, favorite stars.

Details here

I did it! Could be my only chance to ever score a Chanel bag! (Unless Matt gets a wild hair...)

Other items up for grab: Hermes Kelly bag, Hermes cuff, Rolex

What top 10 did you pick!? (If you chose to participate, of course)

My picks:
1. Jen Aniston
2. Jen Garner
3. Bradley Cooper
4. Adam Sandler
5. Heidi Klum
6. Matthew McConaughey
7. Courtney Cox
8. Sandra Bullock
9. Sarah Jessica Parker
10. Victoria Beckham

Apparently you can do various lists for additional entries!


More importantly, for those of you that may have experienced the deadly weather yesterday in Alabama, I hope you made it through safe. Friends of ours in Tuscaloosa spent the day in their bathtub, due to the tornadoes. I couldn't imagine.
My prayers are with you all!

it IS a Good Friday!

I normally don't post about food - but my lunch the past few days has been nothing short of yummy. I branched away from the eggs for lunch (don't worry though, they're still in my breakfast), and have been creating wraps.

Wednesday's wrap...cut up like sushi :)

So the picture doesn't do it justice...but it was super yummy!
Canned tuna (drained), greek yogurt, Lousianna hot sauce, and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow's garlic & herb cheese (you could really use any flavor - I decided I wanted to have KICKIN' breath) - - mix it all together & shmear it on a whole wheat wrap. Delish. (I also had some strawberries incase you were dying to know).

I devoured my lunch Thursday before taking a picture of it - BUT it consisted of hummus & spinach leaves all wrapped up. I chose peaches instead of strawberries as the side item.

And today? Well it's chicken with another wedge of that yummy Laughing Cow garlic & herb & some more spinach! Strawberries on the side of course.

I'm ecstatic it's Friday. It's been a long week. And I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow with my M-I-L for my S-I-L! 

Have any weekend plans??? Are you on Spring Break?? (I'm jealous if you are.)

I think Spring Break should be a recognized holiday week by ALL. Except for the mall. I'd want to shop while I was holiday-ing :)

fun facts for friday


#1 - - - Billion Dollar Babes online shopping site is having a giveaway...all you have to do is like them on Facebook to be entered - - ends today though

#2 - - - Matt is a professional angler at heart & spirit. I mean, look what he did to our garage:
there he is, tinkering with his
please note the pegboard behind him

He's trying to be a *good wife* I took one for the team & liked Bass Pro Shops to enter him to win a fishing trip with Kevin VanDam (a pro angler). You should do it as's the cool thing to do.

#3 - - -Today is my grandmother-in-law's 92nd birthday! We're celebrating with a family party tonight. She's a hard partier & stays up MUCH later than I do.

#4 - - -I'm going to a fashion show in the morning at Nordstrom!!!

#5 - - -I'm running the SheRunsLA 10K - - I thought it was a good idea since I need to branch out from 5K's

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Any races?