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skincare from a jewelry line!?!

"Skincare from a jewelry line!?!" - - - > will probably be the most repeated statement I will hear for the next few months. Especially as I share my latest adventure with more people!

The answer, YES!

Stella & Dot is now a family of brands. Within that family is the beautiful EVER Skincare line.

"Great, so during coffee break, the people that make the jewelry are now concocting skin care regimens!?!" - - - um, NO!

The beauty & brains behind the products are:

Read more on the science & team here:

People Style Watch magazine already featured the brand!

The oil is probably my summer time favorite. It provides subtle color & shimmer. Plus it's not greasy, smells great, and leaves your skin feeling soft & moisturized!!!

So what's so special about this line?
1. No auto ship!!! You buy your product as your need. End of story.
2. You can earn shopping credit through the loyalty program and the referral program!!! 
3. Most importantly, these products are free of parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals that are not healthy for your skin. Especially the chemicals that are banned in other countries (that US still allows to be used!). 


Read more here on the Conscious Beauty:

I am launching a 30 day challenge for any one looking to up the game on their skin regimen. If you're interested, please fill out this brief survey:

I saw a great opportunity to expand my clientele base by now offering skincare. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, I would love to get with you on how you too could launch as a skincare specialist! Read up more on the opportunity here:

Shoot me an email for more info!

I can not wait to show you my results!!! Now that the brand has officially launched, feel free to go browse all of the products on my new site:

What is your favorite product in your beauty regimen (that is not make up)?