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discounted dresses & free shoes always make me smile

After a week hiatus, I'm back on the Physique57 program!

Since I missed a full week of training & P57 workouts, I decided to repeat my last full week of both. Which meant yesterday was not a run day, but rather a P57 day!

I completed the 30 minute express workout, & followed it up with the arms & ab booster.

Holy sore.

Luckily I was smart enough to follow the beginner moves, that way I could compensate for the neck & back pains.


Yesterday, Ideeli featured an ECI sale...if you're in the market for summer dresses, this brand is great.

It's one of my "go to's" for dresses. Nordstrom carries this line & I've never had an issue with the quality of the dress.

 The sale ends today...I'm glad I logged in this morning to check out the goods :)

How do you feel about maxi dresses?

I personally LOVE them.

If you had to pick 1 of the 4 shoes below, which would you pick?

"News Flash"


"Hot Tequila"

"Casting Call"
These are all Naughty Monkey brand shoes. Remember that video I was soliciting for y'all to vote for??? Well I took 3rd place in the contest, which means I won a free pair of shoes.

These are my choices. All from their summer / spring lines. They may be a bit over the top for a few of you out there...Matteo wasn't crazy about any of them...I on the other hand, totally like them.  

So after viewing each of them on various shoe sites - since they offer 360* views & convincing Matteo that I won't emberrass him when I wear them; I've made my choice!

I still want to know which you would choose though.

working out @ average joe's

Yesterday evening I did the Physique57 "express" workout (30 minutes)...and followed it up with a 4 mile "easy run".

3 days under the belt with the Physique 57 workout plan! I'm loving it.

What I'm not loving though, is the fact that the workout came with a "playground ball"...
said ball
I'm fine with incorporating the ball in the workouts...but I'm not fine with Matt occasionally trying to pelt with me it, a la Dodgeball style. Not nice.

I so appreciate the comments y'all leave on my posts!!!

Judging by the comments some of y'all left yesterday regarding "gifting appliances"...apparently, I'm the one with issues.

It cracks me up that some of y'all do ask for appliances! That's awesome.

If I ever do a giveaway, I'm thinking it should probably involve an appliance?


Okay, for your viewing pleasure....this video that I'm trying to get y'all to like on Facebook:

No, I don't normally video my shoes for fun...

Naughty Monkey shoes is having a birthday contest. To enter you just had to create a video & submit it via Facebook.

The video with the MOST "likes" wins a trip to Cali, shoes, gets to attend their birthday bash, and a fashion show previewing the upcoming lines.

Once you're done making fun of me :) if you'd like to LIKE it on Facebook, here's the link.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!!

What awesome plans do you have?

i was born this way

I don't know WHAT is going on with Blogger lately, but I've tried to comment on several of your blogs & it's just not letting me!

Whether you're a Lady Gaga fan or not...I thought that this was interesting & wanted to share it with you.

FitSugar posted a workout based around Lady Gaga's music.

yes, i was born this way. out of the womb with leather on.

Here's some excerpts:
After keeping pace with Gaga's hottest tunes, it's time to hit the floor. Since the outrageous dresser tends to show off her flat abs, we'll start with some tummy toners (but we'll skip the crunches, thank you very much!). If you can wait out the 40-second intro, "Government Hooker" has a beat that's just made for repetitive moves. Try Gwyneth Paltrow's waist-whittler, courtesy of trainer Tracy Anderson: Lie faceup with legs extended. Roll onto left side and extend left arm in front of you, right arm across torso, fingertips to floor for support. Lift left (bottom) leg and cross left leg over right. Keep right foot pointed and heel on floor the entire time. Do 15 reps. To target the lower abs, try the modified hundred: Lie faceup, legs raised, knees bent 90 degrees. Inhale, then exhale, lifting head and shoulders off mat, arms extended at shoulder height, palms down. Inhale as you pump arms up and down five times, then exhale and pump five more times. Do 10 times, for 100 pumps. Repeat both moves for the duration of the song.


Don't worry — we haven't forgotten about your legs (Gaga's always seem a mile long in her leotards). The singer used ballet-inspired moves in her video for "Born This Way," so we're going to go with a couple dance moves during "Bad Kids." First, the leg circle: Stand with back of chair to your left, heels together, toes turned out. Hold chair with left hand; reach right arm overhead; extend right leg to side at hip level, toes pointed. With hips stable, trace 10 tiny circles clockwise, then 10 the other way. Switch sides; repeat. For bonus calf firming, do move on ball of standing foot. Next, a classic releve: Stand on right leg, toes turned out, left foot resting on right calf. Raise arms overhead, elbows slightly bent; contract abs and lift right heel off floor, coming onto ball of foot. Lower heel for one rep. Do 10 reps slowly, then 20 reps quickly. Switch sides; repeat. Repeat both moves for the duration of the song.

Check out the rest of the FitSugar post for more of the workout!


Okay, so how did everyone's finales turn out last night!?
Not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed about the one I watched.

I added a link to Naughty Monkey's Facebook page on the right panel. Please click on it to like their fan page, and then to like my video!

Yes, I created a video.

Ridiculous. The things I do for a free trip & fashion show.

Like Naughty Monkey here

Like my shoe video here

Leave me a comment here or on my video to let me know that you did!

Today is my speed training run. I'm not looking forward to it.

What workout(s) do you have planned for this Hump Day?