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get it girl, get it get it girl

Yup, hope you caught on to those lyrics - thanks Gwen Stefani.

Yesterday evening was my tempo run - 4 miles, with 2 of the miles at a 9:09 pace. I rocked it. Seriously, I was super happy.

Before I ran though, I did my Physique57 workout - and luckily my legs weren't jello for my run!

My hind-hams, however, felt ridiculous. At one point during the workout they hurt so bad they went numb. That was odd.

(image from cafepress)
****News Alert****

I have registered for my 1st half marathon!

I'm excited & nervous...

I know I have plenty of time to prepare...but still, I'm nervous :)

Expect more of these news alerts in the upcoming weeks.


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While I was checking out my blog stats - because I do that - I found this & it warmed my heart.

Speaking of stats, someone found my blog by searching
 "workout run naughty monkey".

Normally that would be an odd occurrence.

But given I've been soliciting my video for that particular brand, it's just another day.

Hopefully that person was kind enough to click on that link there to the right & LIKE my video on facebook :)

blogger really annoys me sometimes

Please note...I had some pictures to add to this post, but naturally that dark cloud that looms over my head (a la Eeyore), has caused Blogger to not function properly. Sorry!

Wow. It's flippin' June 1st!

Which also means, hunker down it's officially hurricane season.

I don't know about y'all, but I feel like all the workouts I did over Memorial Day weekend, were totally "un-done" by what I ate.

Friday - no run, 57 minute Physique 57 workout - followed up by some
Bang Bang Shrimp @ Bonefish Grill! (along with a side salad & some seared tuna - Matty & I always order Bang Bang Shrimp as our appetizer)
Saturday - 9 miles, followed up by pizza night with MattyB
Sunday - 57 minute Physique 57 workout before church - then lunch with Matty's mom, brudder, & brudder's g/f (yellow rice, black beans, Cole's garlic bread & key lime pie for dessert), then dinner with Matty's aunts, cousin, & grandma - PIZZA AGAIN.
Monday - 5 mile run, followed up by a cookout with my fam...I ate 2 hot dogs, I NEVER eat hot dogs; along with countless whole grain tostitos. And that night? Oh yes, we indulged in leftover yellow rice & black beans...and key lime pie!

So I've come to the conclusion that I have no self control, half marathon training makes me eat like a man, and I have no right to whine about my jiggly thighs.

Yesterday I tried to start correcting the error of my ways with a 3 mile run & then Physique 57's thigh & seat booster. Along with restricting my salt intake & foods with added sugar...increased the fiber as well ;) 

When you splurge on food, do you over do it? Or are you disciplined enough to control your self?
Clearly I over did it. Normally I'm pretty disciplined, but I felt like I had just been released from fat camp & wanted to indulge in everything.

I'm definitely not stressed about how I ate this past weekend...but I do want to get back on track to how I normally eat.

What is your normal reaction following an indulgent weekend?
My immediate reaction is to weigh myself....however this time, I don't plan on stepping on that scale for 1 week.

Feel free to comment on how you overate this past weekend :)

working out @ average joe's

Yesterday evening I did the Physique57 "express" workout (30 minutes)...and followed it up with a 4 mile "easy run".

3 days under the belt with the Physique 57 workout plan! I'm loving it.

What I'm not loving though, is the fact that the workout came with a "playground ball"...
said ball
I'm fine with incorporating the ball in the workouts...but I'm not fine with Matt occasionally trying to pelt with me it, a la Dodgeball style. Not nice.

I so appreciate the comments y'all leave on my posts!!!

Judging by the comments some of y'all left yesterday regarding "gifting appliances"...apparently, I'm the one with issues.

It cracks me up that some of y'all do ask for appliances! That's awesome.

If I ever do a giveaway, I'm thinking it should probably involve an appliance?


Okay, for your viewing pleasure....this video that I'm trying to get y'all to like on Facebook:

No, I don't normally video my shoes for fun...

Naughty Monkey shoes is having a birthday contest. To enter you just had to create a video & submit it via Facebook.

The video with the MOST "likes" wins a trip to Cali, shoes, gets to attend their birthday bash, and a fashion show previewing the upcoming lines.

Once you're done making fun of me :) if you'd like to LIKE it on Facebook, here's the link.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!!

What awesome plans do you have?

thursday's thorough thoughts

How's that for alliteration!?

Yesterday was my speed training run....6 miles, with 4 miles at 9:00 least that's what I was supposed to do. Those 4 miles ended up being 9:00, 9:50, 9:15, 9:10. Oh well. Maybe next time!

I had the brilliant idea to follow up my run with a Physique57 workout. I did the Abs & Arm Booster. Great workout, but I should have done it before the run.


Did you check out the Naughty Monkey link over there to the right? I'm trying to get 1,000 "likes" on the video I posted...I'm only 900ish likes away :)

No worries, Naughty Monkey is a shoe brand.

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Did you watch Oprah?

I did in highschool & sporadically in college...but ever since reality set in, work always interfered.

womp, womp


I haven't watched the Biggest Loser finale yet...BUT what the heck happened to Rulon?

Everything I've been reading said it "his choice to leave" and that he just "abruptly quit".

Why????'s a Facebook picture he posted:

Oh, don't worry if you've mentioned something about the winner...I knew who won, I mainly just want to watch to see all the transformations :)

Check out this pretty lady's weight loss...

photo from

More on Kirstie's weight loss:
The 60-year-old actress' size has wildly fluctuated over the years, and though she's lost a noticeable amount since she first stepped out at the "DWTS" announcement, she's still not saying a number.

...Kirstie opened up about her size, saying she's down to the weight she was when she famously stepped out on the stage of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2006, clad only in a bikini.

So after gaining all of the weight back and then losing it again, Alley says she's sporting a size 6 in her DWTS garments -- but she doesn't trust it. "The stylists brought me 4s and 6s this week," she says, "but they're kind of stretchy so I'll look for the dress that's immovable."

What size will make her happy? A "legitimate" 4. "I have one Alexander McQueen [dress] that's a legitimate 4... it doesn't move," she says, saying it will give her peace. "When I'm in that... looking hot." ~ From this zap2it Article 
Yeesh "wildly fluctuated"...ouch.


What are your feelings on appliances as gifts (birthday & Christmas)?

Matteo asked me yesterday if I wanted one of these for my birthday

Call me a brat but my response was pretty much, "I do want a Keurig, but that would be a horrible birthday gift for me. No household appliances for birthdays please."

I know, I'm a brat.

Honestly, if it were anyone else but him, I know I'd be okay with an appliance as a gift..but with him, not so much.

I'm pretty sure he didn't read me as a brat, because his response was "You'd rather I pick out shoes, right? I have good taste." (Which he does have good taste...& the majority of the time it's without any "suggestions" from moi').

So, yes, honey...anything but an appliance. (And definitely not a pink frying pan! Yes, that was a Christmas gift one year.)


Don't forget to scroll back up & click the link to the SHOES video :) & "like" it on Facebook.

Forgive me for solicitizing that dang video so much. I just really need more likes on it :) Thanks for understanding!