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for the shoe lover

I have been eagerly waiting for this collaboration to hit the stores! Sophia Webster paired up with J.Crew & there are some hot, fabulous shoes as a result!!!

I found Sophia Webster via Instagram....and discovered she's a UK designer, with an insane knack for designing uniquely beautiful shoes that I want....on my Some of them do look kinda painful. I find myself going more towards kitten heels & wedges these days.

Regardless, the collection is awesome!!! Here are my favorites:

(love the name)

Now if maybe she did a design collaboration with Target, MattyB may let me get a pair!

the shoe report

Here are the various showrooms from my monthly shoe sites!

Let me know your loves / likes / hates!!!!

Let's start with KimmyK's ShoeDazzle site:

I picked Smolder out of all the ones in my "showroom".

But then I saw the "featured shoes"....
pink soles & a red sole....hmmm, getting in touch with Louboutin?

And Carmela got my vote.

Last the "celebrity" designed shoe....
The Bombshell by Carmen Electra
Which brings me to Just Fabulous' selections for me...
Brielle was my pick

Fawne was also in my showroom....kinda similar to The Bombshell

And Makeeda was a featured shoe...but she reminded me of...

this Louboutin

Last up, Sole Society
 Renee  Renee                             
Raina Raina                                  
My apologies on the pictures looking distorted. Stupid site.
My pick would be's hard to tell, but the straps have crystals :)
So did you see you any loved, hated, or just liked?

fashion post: because it's the 1st & it's lunch time!

The first of June means NEW SHOE choices are available!

Anyone else sign up for monthly shoe websites!?

I may be a little obsessed, yes, but I'm always interested to see what their stylists pick each month "for me".

Let's start with Just Fabulous...

Sole Society's picks...

And now, Kimmy K's Shoe Dazzle site...

See anything you like out of those choices?
If I were to pick one from each site, my choices would be:
*Dorota from JustFabulous (Luciana would have been my pick if I didn't already own a snakeskin peep toe)
*Libby from Sole Society
*Fritz from Shoe Dazzle

The operative word being *if*...
Don't worry Matt, no shoes were ordered.

Links to all the sites mentioned above can be found under my "Shopping Sites" tab.