working out @ average joe's

Yesterday evening I did the Physique57 "express" workout (30 minutes)...and followed it up with a 4 mile "easy run".

3 days under the belt with the Physique 57 workout plan! I'm loving it.

What I'm not loving though, is the fact that the workout came with a "playground ball"...
said ball
I'm fine with incorporating the ball in the workouts...but I'm not fine with Matt occasionally trying to pelt with me it, a la Dodgeball style. Not nice.

I so appreciate the comments y'all leave on my posts!!!

Judging by the comments some of y'all left yesterday regarding "gifting appliances"...apparently, I'm the one with issues.

It cracks me up that some of y'all do ask for appliances! That's awesome.

If I ever do a giveaway, I'm thinking it should probably involve an appliance?


Okay, for your viewing pleasure....this video that I'm trying to get y'all to like on Facebook:

No, I don't normally video my shoes for fun...

Naughty Monkey shoes is having a birthday contest. To enter you just had to create a video & submit it via Facebook.

The video with the MOST "likes" wins a trip to Cali, shoes, gets to attend their birthday bash, and a fashion show previewing the upcoming lines.

Once you're done making fun of me :) if you'd like to LIKE it on Facebook, here's the link.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!!

What awesome plans do you have?

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Anonymous said...

Hee! I'm pretty sure my hubby would be constantly trying to pelt that ball at me too!

I'm SO looking forward to this week -- full of family and friends and a trip to Jacksonville. Busy but fun! Hope you have a great long weekend :)