ripped like ripa

Training Run Recap:
Saturday - 8 miles, 10:10 pace
Monday - 5 miles, 10:00 pace

Ha, I'm totally killing the 10 minute pace that the plan is telling me to stick to! Actually it's supposed to be 10:30 pace, but whatevs. It just seems like I should be running faster.

My Physique57 goods arrived today!

Super excited to try out those workouts.

My goal is to look like Kelly Ripa in 30 days....

Totally kidding...I don't look good as a blonde.
(Haha, as if that's the only reason I wouldn't look like her)

Don't worry...I understand the fundamentals of "realistic goal setting".

Try any new workouts lately?

In case you missed it, this past weekend was Matty's 29th birthday.

guess who likes to fresh water fish!?

Those gift bags are "HIS" gift bags. Literally, when I bought them (a pack of 12, have you) he said "these are mine", "my gifts go in them". Ha, I remember using 1 as a gift bag for someone else & when he saw it, he instantly corrected me on my error.

I LOVE giving gifts. I think giving gifts is my love language.

Gary Chapman has a book called the 5 Love Languages - where you can learn which language most makes you feel loved & the one that you most often use to show love to someone.
There's a quiz that you can take to discover which love language makes you feel loved, here.
So like I said, I show love by giving gifts, but I feel loved through words of affirmation.

Pretty much I need you to tell me the extent of my awesomeness in order for me to understand that you do love me.
Just kidding.

Do you ever take online personality assessments?


Anonymous said...

I love Kelly Ripa! I do think think she's a little too thin, but that's her lifestyle. I walked that clip when she did Physique 57 with Mark - it was so cute (and looked really challenging).

Yes, I do take personality assessments. I think it's the psychology major in me :) I love learning what makes people tick - including myself. Words of affirmation is in my top 3 -- apparently quality time is #1. Something I doesn't get enough of!

Rachel said...

I loved that book! I'm exactly the same as you, I show by giving gifts but I could care less about gifts myself.. I prefer words of affirmation.

Emily said...


Chels said...

I always have to take online assessments through my job (teacher) so I am always asked how I view myself as a person, what are my strengths, weaknessess...they can kind of get old so I tend to stray away from them in my free time. Awesome job on your runs!!