brace yourself, lots of pictures

Today is Matty's 29th birthday!!!!

Such an old fart. I kid...good grief, I'm right behind him. We're both nearly farting dust.

I am ridiculously blessed to have married my very best friend. Not to get all Jerry McGuire, but he really does complete me.

Wasn't he a cute kiddo?

I love how willing he is to be goofy with me...

pirate birthday party for Erin (we did alot of themed parties)...

our engagement photo - he loves fishing


honeymoon again...

our 1st halloween, married

matt hooked me, i danced like a fish to him (this was taken at the end)
@ tom & amanda's wedding

He ran in 5k's with me...even though he HATES running
our 1st 5K - the bolt run...

reindeer run - we WALKED with my mom, brother & his service dog, Gracie

espn 5k...he pushed me to PR

He is my biggest supporter & will wake up at 4am just to show his support
irongirl 5k

He tolerates me wanting to do pictures over & over again, until I deem them "acceptable".
our Christmas 2009 pic...shot #593, i finally wasn't laughing, found a top i liked, & dexter was finally looking

I'm blessed to have married my best friend. He is the only one that I can ridiculously love & ridiculously dislike all at the same time :) He makes me laugh like none other. He's puts the "comp" in my "competitive" nature. Unless we are on the same team when playing anything, there will without a doubt, be bickering. We're ridiculously competitive - our kids won't stand a chance.

I'm beyond proud of him, and grow more in love with him every day.
Happy Birthday, Matthew!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

This is so cute! You guys make a wonderful couple. I'm crazy competitive with my hubs too, but I think he secretly lets me win sometimes (he's a smart man!)

Anonymous said...

Aww you guys are adorable! I like the first 5k photo, that's great!

Unknown said...

Too cute!!! Happy birthday to your hubby!!!

FashionablyFit said...

thanks for the sweet comments :)

Unknown said...

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