crappy miles & a kettleball

Yesterday's run...was dreadful.

It was a 'mile repeats' run: 1 mile warmup, 1 mile @ 8:25, .5 mile recovery, 1 mile @ 8:25, .5 mile recovery, & 1 mile cooldown.

Here's what actually took place:
1 mile warmup
.75 mile @ 7.2mph - - > look at ipod to check my pace & see that it's reading "10:00/mile"....I then start cursing the day it was created.
Hop off treadmill to get other ipod...oh, yes, I DO have a dark cloud over my head...the other ipod is DEAD.
Back on treadmill for .5 mile recovery while trying to correct the ipod's calibration.
.5 mile @ 7.2mph - - -> super frustrated that I can't get an exact judge on my pace.
1.5 miles @ 6mph - - > which my ipod interprets as 11:34/mile

Needless to say, I want to get all Office Space on my ipod & destroy it with a baseball bat.

We'll see how today's "easy run" goes.

I love how Dexter looks at me when I start yelling at the ipod nano.
"mom, you're crazier than me"

After the horrid excuse for a run, I opted to do Jillian Michaels' Shred It With Weights dvd
You have the option of using a kettleball or a dumbbell. I chose to use my new 5lb kettleball. I think 8lbs would have been better for me, but whatevs.

I did Level 1. Both Level 1 & 2 are 30 minute circuits (25 minutes of hard work, 5 minutes of warmup / cooldown).

It's circuit training but with bursts of cardio. Plus the weight training moves are pretty explosive...meaning it's not just a bicep curl or overhead press, you're literally swinging that kettleball around.

The house made it out alive after the workout. I feared a bit for the television at times, but alas, I gripped that kettleball like there was no tomorrow.

I'm interested to see how much more advanced Level 2 is.

Have you tried this dvd before? Or do you ever incorporate kettleballs?


So, have you heard about the summit?

Is anyone planning to attend????

I fell asleep during Modern Family last night...which led to me sleeping through Cougar Town.

I hate when that happens.


Christina said...

The iPod always annoyed me too. I eventually gave in and got a Garmin and they work great! I ran the 'She Runs LA' race a few weeks ago and had to upload it through Nike+ so I ran with my Garmin and the Nike+ and I ended up running .2 miles longer to reach the 10k mark with the Nike+ and my pace was way off.

Not sure if you're interested in the Garmin, but they've gone down in price a lot, especially the 305.

Vanessa said...

Found your blog through Gourmet Runner's comments. =) I've been really curious about the Shred it with Weights DVD. I think I have all of Jillian's other DVDs, except Yoga Meltdown. That one's next on my shopping list. =)

And I LOVE your reference to Office Space. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta...

Anonymous said...

I have never done this particular dvd, but I have her 30 day shred, yoga meltdown and no more trouble zones and love them! I have never done kettlebells either, but of course would love to try them out.