travelling around the world, finale

A random pineapple we passed along the pathway back to the entrance of the park

More topiaries...
Toy Story 3

The Ball!

Us and our Duffy bears...

In case you were curious...the latest rage at Disney are these Vinylmations. They come in various sizes & themes. Some are keychains, magnets, pins, & others are just figurines.

Mom started collecting them & bought 2 more today. The only catch is that they come you have no idea what one you bought until you break open the packaging. Oh, and their non returnable.

mom was hoping for the music one

signed, sealed, delivered, it's yours!

mom didn't have either of these, so she wasn't too bummed

Close up of Duffy...
& mom's foot...

some of the stamps from the countries!

And the Cars passport:

which I passed on to Matt's younger cousin, Cameron.
Look at that nifty button I got for getting ALL the stickers :)
Yes, I'm a kid.

So that wraps up the Epcot trip (I promise no more posts about Epcot). Thanks Aunt Debbie & Ellie for getting us in to the park!!!

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Epcot, you should totally do it. (And then write four posts about's the cool thing to do)


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Looks like fun!!