bring on the men - pb style

You know you're border crazy when date night is a night of exercising!

I took MattyB to my Pure Barre Friday evening for their "Bring on the Men" class. He was ridiculously excited :)

We arrived to class about 15 minutes early & were greeted by the fab owner, Jamie - - - love her! And a ridiculous amount of people!!!! The studio was packed!!! (I'm used to the ungodly hour of 5:30am classes....with maybe 12 peeps, tops.)

Side note: I swiped these pictures to follow from Pure Barre New Tampa's Facebook page :)

I got us set up & then we sat & waited to begin....taking in all the sites....

MattyB & his guys normally dress in costume for things (thrift store plaid pants & home grown staches for a golf outing, old man jogger shorts & crop tops for softball tournaments, etc) so I was in no way surprised to see some dudes in some flashy barre gear ;)

I think I was expecting more instruction for the men - but class was normal as always! Same fast pace, and cueing. 

Didn't take long for me to start laughing....

Matt was still wearing his socks at this point :)

Kicked off with our thigh normal....

More thigh workout...and MattyB trying to figure out what the heck to do. (He could just follow me, but whatever....)

More thighs...and notice Matt's socks are gone :) He said it was too slippery, lol. 

We went from thighs to stretching to rear workout to stretching to abs to final stretching. 
(Sorry no pictures!)

After class, there was a little socializing with some finger foods & alcohol :) lol!  And of course a group picture!

I drilled Matt after class on what he thought. In my mind, I was hoping he would have a greater appreciation for my workout regimen & a respect for how difficult it is. Even when I broached him attending class with me his response was "I hate yoga!!!" - - - um, THIS ISN'T YOGA!!! :)

Since he was complaining of being sore a few days after class, I think he got more of a workout than what he was anticipating. 

My barre style:
Tank: Splits59
Pants: Zella
Socks: ToeSox

And we got Smoothie's to cap off our date night :)

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