fitness & fashion friday

So many exciting things going on right now - that I can't quite share yet....BUT it's causing me to clean up this:
online purchases ship to work, duh....shopaholic?
apparently i collect boxes....hoarder?

On to the fitness & fashion!

Workout Recaps:
Monday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 57 minute workout
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 30 minute workout; 3.6 mile run (10:06, 12:02. 13:32)
my run totally blew. crappy run day. womp, womp
Thursday: Physique 57, volume 2 - 57 minute workout; 2.05 mile run (9:33, 10:28)
when I reached 1 mile, the plan was to go to 4 miles, but my mind won & I didn't

We'll see what today & tomorrow bring as far as mileage goes. Training plan part deux for the half marathons starts over the upcoming mileage right now just is not cutting it.

If you're in the market for new dresses....
Ideeli is having an ECI sale today!
Here's an ECI top I bought at their last sale:

And an ECI dress that I love...
yes, i cropped my friend out - she's cuter than me - didn't want y'all to lose focus
Ideeli is also having other sales today that include: Kenneth Cole, baby kicks, sneakers, watches, & bebe shoes.

And be sure to enter my iTRAIN giveaway!!!!

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rumfunandsun said...

I'm a shopaholic too it's okay!

I love cutting friends who are cuter than me out of pictures! If they want to be in pictures they should take their own! Bahaha! ;-)