fashion & fitness friday

This week flew by & left me all sorts of dazed & confused.

In fact, the whole month of July so far has been a blur. It's just going by so quickly. I finally had time to check out my monthly shoe picks from KimmyK, Just Fab, & Sole Society. So stay tuned for another post about my picks.
combining 2 of my loves - stationary & shoes

Monday, I had to run up to the airport to pick up my mom & brother. They had gone to Las Vegas for the weekend with my dad...who went from Las Vegas to San Fran (which left me runnin' the show at work).

Look what my mom brought me back - she must have known I needed a 'pick me up'....

according to matt it's not just a "fish" - it's a "coi"

Love Thomas Sabo.

I have a charm bracelet -

which is strictly shoe & bag charms; & then I have a necklace that is for all the sentimentals.
Mom thought I should add the fish to my bracelet....but I added it to my necklace. My bracelet is only bags & charms! (I may not be super picky about keeping a clean house - but I demand order to my charms!)

Do you like charm bracelets / necklaces?
Do you have either?

I have a Juicy Couture charm bracelet as well. Which Matteo always complains about when I wear it. He says it makes too much noise. Blah blah blah...

FYI: the Juicy Couture charms look super cute on necklaces...I've been known to rock a few on my Return to Tiffany's necklace. (Only 1 charm at a time though)


How were your workouts this week?

My workouts for the week....
Monday: Physique57 (P57) vol 1, 57 minute workout
Tuesday: P57 vol 1, 30 minute full body workout & 4 mile run
Wednesday: P57 vol 1, 57 minute workout, 4 mile run, & P57 arms & ab booster
Thursday: rest day
Friday: P57 vol 1 57 minute workout, 4 mile run & P57 arms & ab booster
Saturday is scheduled as my "long run"....hopefully that stands true!

Doing the P57 workouts require a yoga mat, but at times that mat is such an unsteady surface for me. So when I recently saw these shoes, I thought 'what a great idea!' Sanitation AND stability!

Blake Brody's 'Ali'

"Blake Brody's In-Studio Footwear provides fashion-conscious women with innovative eco-friendly shoes to use during studio activities like yoga and Pilates.....a stylish shoe that encourages stability, prevents cramping, and protects against moisture and irritants....
Each shoe in the line is made with environmentally-conscious & humane materials that were hand-selected for their unique characteristics. The progressive technology behind the materials allows the shoes to be breathable, antimicrobial, and delicate enough to maintain a feel for studio surfaces..."
I can see the benefit in them...I do think the price tag is a little hefty in comparison to my running shoes. I don't attend a yoga studio regularly to justify the price.

Yoga studio floors often give me the creeps...thinking about festering bacteria. What a stylish sanitation barrier these shoes make!

Would you ever consider wearing yoga shoes?


The garage sale hasn't sold out - the Coach sunglasses are still available if anyone is interested!


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