sights to see...once you see sasquatch

While we were visiting Matt's grandparents in North Carolina, we got to visit a few sites that are worth checking out if you're ever in the area.

First up, get your grub on at the Dillard House in GA. It was only about a 40 minute drive...all mountain roads until you hit GA, so pass the dramamine please!

Family style eating, all southern comfort foods!

more food & they refill said food

our attempt at a group either get the background scenery...

or us. take your pick.
Somehow we all were able to fit back in the car when we were done eating...after packing up a ridiculous amount of the food to take home of course.

So we headed to our next stop: Bridal Vehl Falls
grandma's sporty ride
So at these particular falls, you drive right under the fall & enjoy. Not thrilling by any means, but makes for a great picture!

Last stop: Dry Falls...but don't be misled, they are not dry at all
 After walking down a copious amount of uneven steps...

 we were able to walk around & under the waterfall.


Matt & I under the fall....from a distance...

We eventually ventured back to the cabin to safely deliver the leftovers.
that's a whole lotta styrofoam

our sweet waitress labelled our sand for us, not to be confused with the blackberry cobbler that was served for dessert

Matty & I were going to enjoy a peaceful time, swinging on the bench on the porch....but look who found cell service...
not fair. but look, i can take self portraits to amuse myself

why can't i get cell service? we have the same flippin' carrier!
i should really look into botox. good grief. 

ohh, cute shoes!
look no cavities, ma!

okay, you can be in my shoe picture...but that doesn't mean i endorse wearing Sperry's with socks


rumfunandsun said...

Those fall are gorgeous! Great pictures! Stupid men and their studpid not paying attention to us! Don't they know we are more important than their cell phones?

Brittany said...

Ricky LOVES the Dillard house...apparently that is on the list to do...someday if we ever get out of Tally again....

FashionablyFitFemme said...

haha, you will :)