working out in the mountains

Let me just say that I have a new found appreciation & admiration for you trail runners out there. Oh my word. I don't know what on earth I was thinking.

First, I'm not a wilderness girl.
Second, I hate bugs.
Third, I live in flatland Florida
and Fourth, I hate bugs.

Going into this vacay to the mountains I told Matteo that we were going to be doing all these trail runs & that I was so stoked to get out there & get some incline training in. (Since I'm accustomed to high altitudes living in Florida & all.)

Never said I was the brightest crayon in the box.

Well we flew up Wednesday, and since I got a run in at the Atlanta airport, doing a trail run that day was out of the question. Plus, Matt's grandma had mentioned that they spotted a bear in their front yard the evening evening runs were

So Thursday we ventured out for some trailage. (I create words in my spare time.)
this was prior to any roughage...even though i'm looking rough

so this is the trail that the bear used to visit matt's grandparents

my view throughout trailage, oh the sights you see!

he pooped out after 40 minutes
We attempted another "trail run" Saturday...this time we took Matt's cousin Parker with us, since he was also visiting their grandparents.

I'm leaving out some information...Matt's grandparent's house is on a mountain in NC. Their house is at 4700' elevation.
their cabin :)
 Their is a trail just up a little ways from their house. So we got geared up with H2O, took a before pic, and set off.

The start of our run was a grassy knoll...
that white area is a house...& also our destination

I don't know what I was thinking. Have I said that? The run down was insane. Haha, I had so much momentum at times that I knew I'd be butt over head rolling down the hill if I didn't slow the heck down. Oh, Matt naturally turned it into a race & took off. And then Parker left me.

My legs were just not cooperating with this downhill run. And then fear set in when I was alone & I got to thinking about the bear.

Alas, I made it to the white area...& reunited with the boys that deserted me.

i found our 2011 christmas tree!
Matt wouldn't let me take it.

We passed a few Christmas tree farms on our climb back up the mountain.

And then we found another path that lead us to this....

that eventually led us to this...


Naturally the boys wanted to go down to the rocks...since we were trespassing I figured I'd keep on the look out for any mountain men, while the boys played in the water fall.

Once they were done trying to be hawaiian tropic models, we ventured back out to the road. The boys were itching to forge their own trail in the woods back up to the house.

I was not.

So Matt had the genius idea of him & Parker attempting to be mountain men & hiking through the roughage, while I stayed on the gravel road.

I channeled Sarah as best as I could...since I was wearing her shirt & all...

and set
the inclines at times were re-donk-u-lous. 40% incline on my treadmill was nothing compared to this.
and there were bugs.

i had 3 cars pass me that were kind enough to leave me a dust present
And then I would hear the trees move & think the bear had spotted me & was coming to eat me. Yeah that got my toosh moving. (And it didn't help that a neighbor of Matt's grandparents drove by & stopped to ask me if I needed a ride. I kindly explained I was trying to beat my husband in a race home. The lady laughed & said "hope you're racing him & not a bear!". Um, thanks?)

Got me moving enough that I beat the boys home.
matt not realizing i was there & taking a picture :)

i win.

and the after shot.
 My legs were so stinking tired afterwards. I honestly felt like I recruited muscles that probably have never been used. My ankles & hips are still super sore.

The incline, terrain, & altitude threw my body for such a loop!

Oh & my ipod didn't work right ~ so none of my mileage was tracked.

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fitRN said...

Great job girlie. You exercised on vacation AND got the hubs to join you :) xoxo