gender reveal party!

Saturday went by fast. I got up feeling lazy from a late night of partying with Matteo, his Aunt Nanc & Aunt Suz, and cousin Cameron.

I ventured out of bed to do Physique 57's volume 1, 57 minute workout. And then my bestest called to tell me she needed help with prepping for her gender reveal party!

The bestest, Erin, is due in November, and just found out the sex of the baby on July 5th. She wanted to throw a gender reveal party for family, so that way everyone found out at the same time.

Superb idea if I do say so myself.

the cute sign she made

mommy & daddy!
So the colors were black, white, and yellow. The menu was super simple: burgers & hot dogs! And there were tons of desserts...strawberry shortcake, oreos, and these fun brownies:
tattooed brownies!
The "reveal" portion were the cake pops. Erin colored the batter to reveal the sex (pink for girl or blue for boy), and then used a recipe she found online to turn them into cake pops. Not the easiest thing, fyi.
haha, handcrafted by yours truly
it's a girl!!!!
I was able to snap a shot as her family was finding out....
erin's dad in the blue throwin' his head back in happiness and erin's mom fist punchin' the air over the news!

So the fashion for the party....Erin & Daniel had asked that everyone attending wear pink if they thought the baby was going to be girl, or blue if they thought a boy.

our traditional prom photo pose
As you can see: Matteo missed the memo (even though he had been told a few times, he said I didn't remind him the day of so he forgot), I opted for pink accessories & blue jeans, Erin & Daniel in the middle, Amanda in her blue dress, and Tom in Amanda's pink shirt. (Every group has "one", Tom is ours) :)

another pink accessory i wore: betsey johnson's elephant ring (my necklace was betsey johnson as well)

shoe shot with erin's cute are their sandals!? and my pink shoes!? :)

Can't wait for the birth of this baby! She's already so loved!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to your friend! What a cute reveal :)

I LOVE your pinks shoes!