shop, then workout

Weekend workouts: ran 6.5 miles on Saturday, Physique 57 (P57) full body workout Friday, P57 30 minute workout Saturday

Saturday's goal was to run, clean, do my Bible study, & finish the laundry all before noon - since Matt would be heading home around then from fishing.


Since when do I ever accomplish what I plan?

The one to blame: Ideeli
(You didn't think I'd say I was to blame!?)

Ideeli had these "shopping marathon" sales. I spent a good hour shopping. Good grief. Needless to say, I didn't finish everything I needed to finish before noon.

But hey! Here's what I bought:
JB by Julie Brown - Liza top

JB by Julie Brown - butterfly shorts

Betsey Johnson dress

Report Signature - Adrian heels

Lovely People - Daniela flats

And for Matty....
Banana Blues - Starboard

VAST plaid board shorts
There were a few other items that I was hoping to get for Matt & 2 others for me...but they sold out super quick. Seriously, if I had spent full retail on these items, the total bill would have been over $1000...but not today! I spent a 10th of that. Ridiculous.

I finally got around to running & working out. What a distracting morning!

Saturday evening, Matt & I took his younger cousin Cameron to see Transformers 3D
3d glasses are the hot ticket item for summer
Have you seen Transformers 3?
Is it just me or did anyone else cry? That dang Bumble Bee....gets me every time.

Seen any other good movies lately?
We saw Horrible Bosses....holy moly Jennifer Aniston!


Becca Christensen said...

I love the Betsy dress and the camel colors heels. : ] Great finds!

rumfunandsun said...

I love saving money when I shop for anything! I am one of those people who brags about what the retail cost was versus how much I paid for something! I'm sure it's annoying!

I heart Bumble Bee too! So it was good? We haven't watched it yet.

FashionablyFitFemme said...

ha, a save on merchandise is never annoying :)
transformers 3 was great! i really liked it!

FashionablyFitFemme said...

thanks girl :)

Unknown said...

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