satan reincarnate

Thanks to all you fabulous people that have purchased from the garage sale :)
Hope you enjoy your goods!

I detest packing. Well, I detest packing but UTTERLY detest unpacking.

There, that's better!

For the past day I have been walking past our luggage & randomly dropping in clothing items as I see fit.

yes, the polka dot pants are matt's

It has to get done tonight....because tomorrow we leave for North Carolina! Woohoo!

We're headed up to visit Matt's gramma & grandpa. I'm super stoked to vacay. Since they live on top of a mountain (yes, Will Ferrell they do!), Matt agreed to do some hiking & trail runs with me!

So all you wilderness girls, got any tips for me???

Dexter is headed to stay with gammy & grandpa (my parents) while we're away. He got all handsome at the groomer yesterday so I *attempted* a photo shoot.

Yes, I'm officially diagnosing him with ADHD. Either that or he just hates me. Probably both.


Heather Elliott @ the desire to run said...

Hi new follower here. Saw you mentioned on SR's blog. Your blog is the first "fashion" blog I have picked to follow. I recently decided i dress kind of lame so hopefully I can pick up some tips here!

Good luck on your trip. Hubby and I just returned from a 3 week camping road trip. It was a blast. I'm sure you'll enjoy the mountains!

rumfunandsun said...

Not sure why but I feel like saying "Party with my polka dot pants on!"

Have fun on your vacay!!!

FashionablyFit said...

@heather: i feel honored you picked mine to follow :) & i now also feel a tremendous amount of :)

@rum: oh there was definite partying :) thanks!