getting back in the game

I've been asked a few times how to get back into running after a hiatus.

Well since I'm in the same are my thoughts:

#1: Start slow

Ugh I dread the thought of having to break in my running shoes again. This last hiatus left me with a killer blister after my first long run.

#2: Unless you're super human, or Chuck Norris, you're probably going to have to work back up to your endurance, mileage, & speed levels...don't get discouraged.

#3: Figure out your motivation - it will be what drives your runs

Other related questions....

I get bored so quickly now. I run past 5 houses & then I want to stop!

Are you utilizing an ipod or are trying to really soley on your thoughts to motivate you? I have to run with something...when left to my own thoughts I quit within 5 minutes.

Get music here that is paced to your minutes per mile.
Get workouts here that you can use to run with - they also have swimming, elliptical, and various others.
Get a workout buddy if you need the extra push & accountability.

What about losing these pounds that I've gained since taking a break from exercising?

Be aware of your calories in / calories out. If you're consuming more than you're burning...that will be the culprit of any weight gain.

When you weren't being active, chances are good you were still eating like you were.

If you're able to, record what you eat, the calories that you consume, and the calories that you expend. There should be a deficit....if you want to lose weight.

Most importantly, remember that the number on the scale is contingent upon numerous variables at any given point. Don't let your self worth, self image, or attitude rest heavily on the number the scale shows. 

If you focus on any number, focus on your body fat percentage. But use a reliable method to obtain your body fat body fat calipers.  

Have you ever taken a hiatus from your normal workouts? What were your strategies for returning?

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