fashion post: because it's the 1st & it's lunch time!

The first of June means NEW SHOE choices are available!

Anyone else sign up for monthly shoe websites!?

I may be a little obsessed, yes, but I'm always interested to see what their stylists pick each month "for me".

Let's start with Just Fabulous...

Sole Society's picks...

And now, Kimmy K's Shoe Dazzle site...

See anything you like out of those choices?
If I were to pick one from each site, my choices would be:
*Dorota from JustFabulous (Luciana would have been my pick if I didn't already own a snakeskin peep toe)
*Libby from Sole Society
*Fritz from Shoe Dazzle

The operative word being *if*...
Don't worry Matt, no shoes were ordered.

Links to all the sites mentioned above can be found under my "Shopping Sites" tab.


Angie said...

HA! I am going through all my sites now...For once I think Kim got it through her dense head that I am not a hooker. Her selections were the best out of all of them this month.



Anonymous said...

I belong to ShoeDazzle. I'm kinda conflicted on whether or not to buy this month. There's a pair of red pumps that are cute (and I need some red pumps), but I could probably find nicer ones at Nordstrom Rack for less!

suan zhang said...

Stunning and new style wedge sneakers now come out at, hurry to get one, ladies!