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Happy Friday!

I've only been able to run 1 time this week. It's really starting to depress me.

On a positive note?

I registered for another half:

It brought some cheer to my gloomy week - thinking about another medal.

This whole not being 'active' thing is really sending me into gloomyville.

I miss Physique57's workouts, and experiencing the butt-numbing, core moves to make me look like Kelly Ripa.

I miss running on the TM while watching FRIENDS & nearly flying off the back because I'm laughing so hard & lose my footing.

On top of that, I'm tired of feeling tired.

Matty's now accustomed to me falling asleep mid conversation...at 7pm.

Plus, it really ruins our Wheel of Fortune quality time.

Yes, I'm 80.

How do you combat the gloominess? Do you ever get real down in the dumps from missing workouts, consecutively?

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