get it girl, get it get it girl

Yup, hope you caught on to those lyrics - thanks Gwen Stefani.

Yesterday evening was my tempo run - 4 miles, with 2 of the miles at a 9:09 pace. I rocked it. Seriously, I was super happy.

Before I ran though, I did my Physique57 workout - and luckily my legs weren't jello for my run!

My hind-hams, however, felt ridiculous. At one point during the workout they hurt so bad they went numb. That was odd.

(image from cafepress)
****News Alert****

I have registered for my 1st half marathon!

I'm excited & nervous...

I know I have plenty of time to prepare...but still, I'm nervous :)

Expect more of these news alerts in the upcoming weeks.


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While I was checking out my blog stats - because I do that - I found this & it warmed my heart.

Speaking of stats, someone found my blog by searching
 "workout run naughty monkey".

Normally that would be an odd occurrence.

But given I've been soliciting my video for that particular brand, it's just another day.

Hopefully that person was kind enough to click on that link there to the right & LIKE my video on facebook :)


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Ha! Love the search: "workout naughty monkey"!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Great tempo run...aren't those satisfying upon completion?!

ANNNND, CONGRATS on signing up for your first half marathon! I'm excited for you!

FashionablyFit said...

thanks so much for the encouragement jess!!!!