friday's randomness

Here's a bunch of random meanderings....

Do you keep your workout wear on, well after your workout is over? Do you try and accessorize to make it not look so frumpy when you run errands or go to work?

Yeah, me neither. 

Has anyone else been finding themselves on Zappo's much more lately? Like every day, numerous times a day, in hopes of scoring that trip & race entry?

Yeah, me neither. Stupid glass sneakers.

Has anyone else been watching the RHOC reunion episodes, secretly hoping Vicki gets fired & Gretchen & Tamra reunite as besties!?

Yeah, me neither.

Has anyone else been longing for new post its, and notebooks, and pens, and binders, and May Books, and Erin Condren agendas because of all this 'back to school' shopping taking place - even though you don't have kids in school???

Yeah, me neither.

Has anyone ever wondered what happened to Lisa Frank and why her & the sparkly unicorns suddenly disappeared from stores?

Yeah, me neither.

Just some go enjoy your weekend.

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