tailored clothing is my jam

In case you missed it on Instagram......

I had a date night with ol MattyB on Saturday night & got to wear my new jumpsuit from the fabulous Marcy of Kaiya Designs.

I am in love with the brand.

Seriously, it took some convincing on my part for me to get Matt to agree to dropping the dinero on the jumpsuit....but you really can not put a dollar figure on a custom tailored outfit. I mean, I picked out the fabric for Pete's sake!

Go check out Kaiya Designs here: http://www.kaiyadesigns.com/

I styled this jumpsuit with....
Zuni necklace (the long necklace)
Crescent necklace
On the Mark necklace
Luna wrap bracelet
Pave' cuff bracelet

Have any customized / tailored clothing in your closet? 


Laura O in AK said...

I totally agree that it is worth a little more for clothing that FITS you well. Your jumpsuit looks fabulous and I bet it is quite comfortable.

brokenteepee said...

It's really lovely. I love having clothes that fit my body - it's a real luxury.

Grace said...

That looks beautiful on you and what a fun fasion statement.