living proof live, part 2

In part 1 I gave a little back story on Beth Moore & her ministry, Living Proof.

Mom & I attended the conference which ran Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. The conference started at 7pm on Friday evening, so in true family fashion, we arrived an HOUR & A HALF too early.


After standing outside of the arena, in hot-humid Florida weather, with a massive rain cloud threatening to open up at any moment, we were FINALLY let in to the event.

Upon entering, each person received this booklet:

I did not thumb threw it until we were at our seats.

Speaking of seats, our super cool green wristbands gave us full access to floor seats, & the first level of seating.

We scurried down to the floor seats....since there were only TWO of us we figured it shouldn't be too difficult to find seats.


I totally forgot how some ladies take their Beth Moore....way too seriously. There was one lady saving 4 ROWS of seats, by herself....with nothing on the seats to show they were reserved. When mom & I went to grab 2 seats, you would have thought we were the antichrist. Apparently her church ladies were coming.

Shake it off.

So we attempted to grab 2 more, and again were blocked by yet another woman needing 3 rows.

Shake if off, but holy moly!

We eventually found 2 seats....but seriously....

PSA: If you are an avid Beth Moore fan, great! But you do not know who is in attendance to this event. You may be the first "Christian" an unbeliever comes in contact with. Watch your words & attitude.

PSA #2: If you are saving an entire row, needless to say more than 1 row of seats, all by yourself.....just don't. That is way rude. If you want to sit with all of your friends, & their friends, & their friends' friends...find them & sit where they are. 

Sorry for the side track...back to the event....

So, when we finally were able to sit down at 2 seats that were not "invisibly reserved" we noticed there was a Bible at the seat! Apparently, the local Living Proof team here in Tampa, Florida made it an important task to see to it that everyone in attendance had a Bible. There were 7,000 attendees!!!
How awesome is that!?!

I posted this on Instagram....

Lifeway had a store set up, so of course we went to check out what deals they had going on.
I picked up this for BittyBeau....

Eventually it was time for the main event to start....

Y'all Travis Cottrell & his praise team kicked everything off with praise & worship...and it was AMAZING!!!

Praise & worship was definitely amazing. Sitting in the floor seats, and hearing everyone above you was just awesome.

At the end of worship, the video for the conference theme played. I wish I had thought to capture it, but well, I don't always think that fast. I was just totally enthralled with it. So the theme of the conference was RE-VERB the video was images of storms & lightning....with verses from the Bible talking about thunder & reverberation, and the music playing was drums & this amazing beat. Almost tribal sounding.

And then, it was time for Beth....

Stay tuned....

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