i AM excited.....BUT not about this...

Thank you all for the well wishes!!! I really appreciated all of your comments!

I am a HUGE fan of change. I love it. Especially changes to my hair. And I love changing up my workouts.

But, I do NOT love the changes that are happening to my body.

I understand, I understand....it's all for an AMAZING thing. Have some faith that I won't be a horrible mom.

But seriously....I am over it.

Exhibit A: Nausea
Why, why, why? What is the point?

Exhibit B: Tummy
I'm in the awkward stage where it just looks like I've added on a copious amount of LBS, not that I'm growing a CHILD

Exhibit C: Exhaustion
I was a grandma before the pregnancy, going to bed at 9pm (or earlier, if I was lucky). But NOW? Falling asleep about 8pm, sleeping a solid 9 hours at least, every night. Sure it's nice...but I still WAKE UP TIRED!

For all of you that have experienced any of this, HALLELUJAH.
For all of you that never experienced nausea, this is me sticking my tongue out at you & rolling my eyes.

I had to miss a fun filled evening last night, in celebration of Fashion's Night Out, because I was too nauseated. Contrary to what MattyB says, the one who I blame for all of this, it is not JUST A MENTAL THING. Nausea blows.

I also did NOT get clearance from my doctor to continue training for my half marathons...& she definitely didn't clear me to actually RUN them, so that's mullah down the 'ol dumper.

As if I could even run right now! My last run was the day before I found out I was preggo - going on 2 weeks ago.

I did however manage to squeeze in 5 workouts between this week & last week. All Physique 57 workouts. I was fine during them...but here's the pain in the butt part: if I worked out in the evening, I barely woke up in time for work the next day because I was so tired; and if I worked out in the morning, I was nauseous for the following 5 hours.


To sum up my ramblings: so long half marathons that I'm registered for, hello pudgy belly, exhaustion, and nausea.


Anonymous said...

My best friend is pregnant and she went through the same thing at the beginning of her pregnancy, she couldn't run and she was nauseas but now she is going to gym and doing small workouts and walking, but no running unfortunately. Good luck, hope it gets better!

Michelle @ Crazy*Running*Legs said...

Ack! I missed the announcement!! Congrats!!!

As as a seasoned pregnant lady who worked out during BOTH pregnancies my advice is to not judge your pregnancy based on the first few months. TRY to workout. Even if you just get 20 minutes on the elliptical it's something and it WILL make you feel better. Don't stress about about the weight gain (you are gain what your body wants you to gain and you will lose it). ENJOY this time and the sleep. Your hormones will even out in the 2nd trimester and you will begin to feel more normal.

I am SO thrilled for you! Babies are amazing :)