POPSUGAR Must Have Box - August Edition.....

After last month's box, I was not looking forward to this one - - - well, actually, it's their birthday - so part of me had a little hope that this month's box would be a little better.

So here is the August MUST HAVE box

IT WAS!!!!

There was a special gift in this edition....
Okay so I was not totally excited about this necklace.
Call me a snob but I'm partial to my brand.
Want this necklace???
EMAIL ME. It's yours.
I was pretty excited about this!!!!

It's STACKABLE and comes with utensils!!!!
And it's BPA FREE.
Pretty cool.
I'm neutral on this one....it smells good though!
And I do like having body wash small enough to travel with

According to their website, it retails for $11.99
I also got a promo code to use on an order with them.
I am loving all their little phrases:
Because cleanliness is next to flirtiness
A little daring. A lot vivacious.
I may just give them a go :)
Okay, I was SOOOO ecstatic over this:

My beloved MAYDESIGNS!!!!
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I adore May Books.

This is a cute little non dated agenda!
And that little "hooray" card - - - yeah it's a promo code valid for $5 to $500 of product on their site!
A MayDesigns Book will run you a minimum of $15 depending on personalization.

If they are any thing like those Victoria Secret secret rewards though...I have only ever gotten $10.
Even the one season that I stockpiled and had like 12 of those cards.
Karma hates me.
So here's another thing I'm neutral on....this apple bowl.
I mean it's cute, but I'm not sure what they were thinking I'd use it for?

The bowl is part of a larger gift set that retails for $149 on Lunares' site.
It's going to be one expensive little paper clip holder on my desk.
Unless Beau was in school - and then I'd gift it to a teacher :)
Next up.... 
Have you ever tried their products?
I have used one of their rice face scrubs before.

This was super confusing. The card says I was supposed to get the precleanse and the special cleansing gel.
I only got the gel :/
An ode to the NatureBox... 
A code for 50% off your first box, and a bag of dried granny smith apples... 
In the midst of trying to find the retail value for these apples, I found the NatureBox blog.
I may have to try this recipe!!!

Head over & try out the subscription - I'd love to hear what YOU think!

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