ohmyword my hamstrings!

Yesterday's workout have left me all kinds of sore. To say I'm awkward moving, is an understatement.


I broke out the kettlebells and dusted off the Jillian Michaels dvd....

About half way through the workout, I really thought about increasing the weight & using my 10 pound kettlebell because the 5 pounds felt way too easy.

Here's a sampling....

It was a lot of swinging and a butt ton of squats.

I would definitely recommend Jillian's kettlebell workout. It was a great weighted cardio. The circuits are not difficult. The cueing is great - the moves are easy to understand.

She is constantly reminding beginners to not let go of the kettlebell during the swings - I could only imagine if MattyB came home to find the TV totally smashed because I threw the kettlebell at it.

You go through the circuits twice before moving on. Not a lot of abdominal movements, but you are engaging your core through the entire workout.

Around the last circuit I finally started feeling the burn. So after the cool down, I went ahead & did my chest & back circuit, since I was not totally sore. (Plus I like maximizing B's nap time!!!!)

This morning however, totally different story. My hamstrings & quads are killing me!!!

But I love it. It's a pleasant reminder of all the work I did.

Do you agree with the "no pain, no gain" philosophy?

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