fitness & fashion thursday

While Kristen has been running around on Rob, I've been trying to get my ish together!

First thing is first....for all of you that are pregnant, will become pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant....take maternity leave! I know that this lady says she's not, but let me just say, "been there, done that, & suffered the repercussions!"

The first few weeks after having Beau (our 3 month old son), I was still on some what of an adrenaline high. Sleep was pretty non-existant, but I didn't care. I was totally enjoying the new life we were blessed with, and felt like since he's sleeping so much, I can do work. No.Big.Deal.

So that's what I did. I had Beau on a Saturday, went home from hospital on Monday, and Tuesday I resumed working. Yes, from my home, but nonetheless IT WAS WORK.

It was around or right before his 2 month mark that the reality of everything set in. When I say I had some dark days, I HAD SOME DARK DAYS. I know PPD is a serious subject with women, and I'm not sure that I definitely battled with it. I didn't miss being pregnant by any means, but I was very down in the dumps. I was a huge, explosive, ball of emotions. Anything & everything set me off and I would cry relentlessly. Thankfully my mom understood...MattyB on the other hand, tried to understand, but bless his heart normally was just on the receiving end of my outbursts & unexplainable crying.

Hormones. They make the world go round.

So after that brief explanation, here's the deal on fitness & fashion as it relates to Thursday :)

Fitness wise, I'm still hanging tough with my 90 day program. I'm presently on week 8 & the set of workouts that I'm presently doing are my favorite. It's weighted plyometrics, weighted cardio, and other strength training moves - - a BUTT-TON of planks! 1 more month to go. I will say, I've pretty much abandoned the diet portion. It was getting a little too difficult trying to plan out everything. Excuses, excuses.

Where I stand: I'm down 34 pounds from my highest poundage mark during pregnancy. So pretty much from the day I gave birth :)

Fashionably speaking...I'm fitting into more & more of my pre-pregnancy clothes! Hallelujah! I've also taken on a new little business adventure. So remember how I just told you that I was having some pretty gloomy days? I realized that taking time for ME was a NECESSITY. Yes, my workout time is "me" time - but honestly, it's never uninterrupted. So, I thought back & realized that one of the happiest times in my life was when I worked for this cute little boutique called "The Pink Cabana". (Sadly, they've since closed up shop)

It didn't make sense for me to go out & find a boutique to work for part time....hahaha, I barely have time to wash hair! But what did make sense was Stella & Dot. I'm now an independent stylist for them! It's my own little boutique....kinda :)

they have the BEST packaging. seriously.

I post regular pictures on my Facebook page & Twitter if you want to see more of the line! Like this one....

love their bracelets.
And celebrities love the line. I think you will too! Check it out.

Serenity Necklace

Bahari necklace & Serenity Stone earrings

You can shop my boutique at any time....but if you're interested in earning free jewelry - let me know! You can host a trunk show - a VIRTUAL one!


Natalie said...

I am nowhere near the two month mark, but I totally understand the running on adrenaline thing. Since the hospital, I have been going on a ridiculously small amount of sleep but still feel motivated to get stuff done during the day. I know I am about to hit a very hard brick wall when the high wears off! Hope you're feeling more like you these days. Beau is a lucky little dude. Oh, and you're NUTS for working. I work from home and laugh when I get emails asking if I have time for "one little thing." No, no I do not.

TechMatrite said...

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