get it right, get it tight

I'm now beginning week 7 of my 12 week program. My goal was to give you these updates more regularly, but let's face it, between work, the baby, & everything else - I've had zero time to blog :)

With that said the program is going well....I just am not seeing fast enough results. (In my opinion). Why can't these results happen over night???

My total weight lost since the day I gave birth is now 34 pounds. Since I've started the program, I've lost 10 pounds. The workouts have been increasing in intensity, and every 2 weeks they change. It's a really neat program, and I'll do a FULL review (and give you the NAME of it) once my 12 weeks are done.

Even though the scale hasn't been my BFF - my clothes are definitely fitting MUCH better! Woop woop!

I still think it's ridiculous that I'm putting so much 'weight' into what that dang scale reflects :)

What do you think about the number on the scale? Do you agree that we as women tend to put too much emphasis on what it shows?

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