the bachelorette: i spy stella & dot, july 29th episode


What did you think about Brooks' exit??? All the hype this season over this particular episode - was it everything you hoped for!?!? :)

Well let's get down to it....since Des was sporting more bikinis this episode, I spotted more of Stella & Dot's delicate pieces - with the exception of one of the interviews.

So I'm not entirely 100% on this one, but this necklace appears to be the Rebel Pendant

If it's not the Rebel Pendant then it should be :)

Flashing back to Drew's hometown date....

I blogged all about this beauty in my last it here.

This tiny little delicate made 2 appearances.....

(sorry for the less than flattering pic!)

It's the Sidewinder

And finally, more of the interview of her wearing the Tempest

A great rocker glam piece for fall :)

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