the bachelorette, i spy stella & dot, episode july 8th

So was anyone else surprised to see some of the girls from Sean's season??? Is this a new thing the producers are doing? And did anyone else feel awkward when Des asked Catherine "how are things with Sean?"!?

Um, awkward.

I was super let down this week. I thought something BIG happened last night. But no. Nothing. The dumb preview from last week was a lie. 

Kinda like when Chris always says "and stay tuned for the most dramatic rose ceremony YET!"


And that's my recap. Now on to the spottings....

Well, the first thing I noticed was Catherine's necklace.....

So as anyone would do, I paused the show & zoomed in :)

I'm nearly positive this one of our charm necklaces!

Unless The Possessionista proves me wrong.....

The second & final spotting was Des on her date with Brooks....

Not a great picture at all - but MattyB & I tried our best with pausing :)

Now do you see the pop of orange in there?

Yeah, that's the Olivia Bib necklace!

Or so it appears :)

Are you enjoying The Bachelorette this season? 

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