TGIF - i heart Nordies

I'm super excited for the weekend! Well, it's actually a bittersweet excitement. The hubby is heading out of town for a fishing / camping / BPS thing with his fellow boyscouts guy friends. I will miss him....but Nordstrom must have just known I'd be sad, because this weekend is triple points for card holders! Woohoo!
So in honor of my shopping trip tomorrow with mama dukes ~ thought I'd share a fun Nordies experience....

In October of 2010, Tampa welcomed our first Nordstrom Rack (sigh)
After I stalked Nordstrom's website, placed numerous calls...I found out about the new addition in 2009 & found out the date of the opening in March 2010. I then took a day off of work for the opening - yes, minor obsession.

The opening was set for 9am, we arrived at 5:30am
Clearly this was an important event ~ left the sports bra at home & wore makeup!

It was super cold ~ for me.

The CBS (channel 10) news crew was there ~ well, one reporter & camara gal. I in advertantly left out a detail: mom & I were not the first in line. As we rolled up in the parking lot, another car was parking at the exactsametime. They parked and RAN up to the door to beat us. Punks. 

Apparently though the news gal, Janie, liked mom & I more ~ because she interviewed us (read: ME), not them. Mom opted to bail out on me during the 'air time'.  

Once the sun started to come up...more people started showing up (because they're normal).

More air time: Fox 13 news

Why, yes, I'm available for an interview ~ nominal fee of course
 So Nordstrom Rack's do this thing on opening days, where 15 minutes before the doors open they pick 1 lucky winner (via raffle) to win a 90 second shopping spree. The winner gets total access to the store, sales associates for help, and can grab anything & everything they want. Then once the time is up, they are allowed to try what they grabbed on, exchange sizes, etc. Amazing.
93.3FLZ was here to do the drawing portion ~ and give a play-by-play during the spree of all the winner was grabbing.

My heart was racing as they drew the name....

 I didn't win!?! WHAT! Yeah, some girl that literally showed up 5 minutes before the drawing one. Blast!

But Nordies pulled through for us ~ mom & I each got a $50 gift card for being one of the firsts in line (we were #3 & #4, we would have been #1 & #2, but I'm not bitter....)

At least we got "air time" :)
And a reusable tote bag! Holler!

And people actually saw my interviews!!! :) I got a few texts throughout the morning telling me that I was spotted on the news, or people heard an interview. The hubs even got a phone call from a customer asking if he was related to me, since my name was mentioned. MB was pretty stoked that his wife was an overnight celebrity ridiculous enough to take off of work to shop.

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