happy belated WWD!!!!

Yesterday was World Water Day ~ don't worry I had no clue either. I'm sure if I had read my Zoe Report in a timely fashion I would have been well informed earlier in the day.

And then this inspiration of a runner blogged about her love of water ~ which I should have read yesterday.

Check out the world efforts here

Here's some information from the US EPA website on water efficiency:
Save Water, Save Money

The average household spends as much as $500 per year on its water and sewer bill. By making just a few simple changes to use water more efficiently, you could save about $170 per year. If all U.S. households installed water-efficient appliances, the country would save more than 3 trillion gallons of water and more than $18 billion dollars per year! Also, when we use water more efficiently, we reduce the need for costly water supply infrastructure investments and new wastewater treatment facilities.

Save Water, Save Energy

It takes a considerable amount of energy to deliver and treat the water you use everyday. American public water supply and treatment facilities consume about 56 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year—enough electricity to power more than 5 million homes for an entire year. For example, letting your faucet run for five minutes uses about as much energy as letting a 60-watt light bulb run for 14 hours.

By reducing household water use you can not only help reduce the energy required to supply and treat public water supplies but also can help address climate change. In fact:

  • If one out of every 100 American homes retrofitted with water-efficient fixtures, we could save about 100 million kWh of electricity per year—avoiding 80,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That is equivalent to removing nearly 15,000 automobiles from the road for one year!
  • If 1 percent of American homes replaced their older, inefficient toilets with WaterSense labeled models, the country would save more than 38 million kWh of electricity—enough to supply more than 43,000 households electricity for one month.

Here are some of the health benefits of water
 see the entire slideshow by WebMD here
  1. Aids in weight management / weight loss by supressing appetite & boosting metabolism
  2. Can give you an energy boost the natural way 
  3. Can help battle stress
  4. Prevents muscle cramps / strains
  5. Hydarates skin
  6. Aids in healthy digestion
I love WebMD, and diagnose all of Matt's ailments on there look up various topics on there all the time...here's some more info on exercise & dehydration:
Water Tips for Efficient Exercise

For those of you that aren't too crazy about water, here are some tips / suggestions:
  • Try adding fruit to you water - lemon, lime, strawberry, peach, apple...the possibilities are endless
  • If you opt for the vitamin or fruit infused bottled water from a store - check out the ingredients...avoid anything with added sugars, look at the ingredients, are they all natural?
  • How about green tea? You can brew your own, then drink it either hot or cold
  • There are packets that you can add to your water for flavor - but like I mentioned before, pay attention to the ingredients list - avoid products where the ingredients list reads like a foreign language or those that are bound to turn you diabetic because of the amounts of added sugar

There are various other aspects of water that I didn't mention - but hopefully you've caught on to how vital it is ~ especially since our bodies are 2/3 water!

Drink up!

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