Shakira's hips don't lie ~ and neither does spandex...

I hurried to do my P90X workout in order to watch Sex and the City. Matteo brought up a hugely valid point the other day ~ why on earth do we watch movies on television...when we own them?!? They are edited for time & there are commercials! So yes, I hurried to finish up legs & back, and then ab order to watch SATC on USA.

Back to the workout...spandex does not lie & it gladly shows you areas you need improvement. Kind of like the ideal friend? My zebra patterned "friend" was able to graciously point out my inner thighs.

Here's a does EpicMealTime consume these horribly, ridiculous, caloric-heart attack-inducing meals, and yet not look like the size of the house? My brudder in law came over for a visit the other day, while home from college, and he just had to show Matt & I these YouTube videos.
Here's one for your viewing pleasure...they have plenty more online incase you'd rather see a meat fortress, a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig, or a massive corn dog...this is just a meat salad:

I don't need to be an RD to realize that this is just not healthy. It makes me a little sad though ~ because I feel like the majority of the US eats like this (granted this is a major exaggeration). I won't turn this into a soapbox moment, but here's 2 words for you: portion control.

What are your thoughts?

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fitRN said...

We share the same soapbox... It is sad. Parents rush and feed their kids crap. Adults do not care about being smart consumers. People say that healthy food is more expensive, but I guarantee their insulin shots, plavix, crestor, and copays are going to add up to a lot more in 15 years....