i shop on any day ending in "y"

Cyber Monday. No different than any other day. Except if you do not normally shop online & this is the one day out of the year that you actually DO!

I prefer shopping online. No crowds. No sales people. Just me, in my jammies, with a cup of coffee.


Since the hubs has been known to sporadically read my blog...I can not say what deals I scored today. Hello, Christmas gifts!!

Here some places I do recommend you checking out....

Victorias Secret - use FREE50 for free shipping on $50, use MONDAY for an extra secret rewards card (yes, that's going on right now), and use PINKSPOT for a free mini dog. (Does anyone else collect these gosh darn things!? I'm a sucker for freebies.)

Ideeli - (invitation link under my "shopping site" tab)....free shipping for 30 days, once you place your order.

RueLaLa - just check out the sales

Ettika - I have a minor obsession with their bracelets. Nobody understands though.

Stella & Dot - add $50 to your cart, get the hematite cupchain bracelet for $9.95
Today Only! Spend $50 and get this bracelet for $9.95 - Shop Now! Double wraps, instantly creating the layered look. Hematite Cupchain Bracelet Regularly $59. *Click here for details.

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