oh my gosh...i think i forgot i had a blog...


Seriously, blogging is probably the BEST outlet when you have SO much to say...& no one that will listen :) With that said ~ I think everyone I know (including myself) has set H/F goals for 2011! Which makes me so happy!

Concerning nutrition, here are my thoughts:
1. If you do Weight Watchers (which I do believe is a great jumping off tool, to start being aware of portions, food choices, and calories), please don't let your points come from only junk foods.
2. There are numerous online tools (FREE) to utilize, such as www.livestrong.com which actually has a vast database of recipes and nutrition information.
3. Journal, journal, journal! Keep track of what you're eating....you'll be surprised by what you consume throughout the day.
4. When eating out, plan ahead. Many restaurants make their nutrition information available on their website.
5. Moderation! Don't deprive your body of something your craving, but rather eat that chocolate chip cookie if that's what you're wanting...just kick it up a notch with your next workout.

If you're in the market for a nutrition plan, my nutrition professor, Cynthia Sass, from USF that was also my internship supervisor, just published a new book called 'Cinch!' It's jam packed with CLEAN recipes (all natural, organic when possible, no preservatives or any of the other 'yuck' that comes with mass produced food). Plus she presents an easy to follow eating plan that revolves around 5 key food groups per meal: produce, whole grain, plant based fat, animal based fat (or vegan option, and seasonings "SASS".

No diet is complete without exercise. At least in my humble opinion :) Please look into starting an exercise regimen if you've not already. One of my most FAVORITE trainers is Jillian Michaels & she's got a great library of workouts...from beginner to advanced. Time is the biggest hinderance for many, but it's really just a matter of making working out a priority. It's okay to be selfish when it comes to your health. Another great tool is www.itrain.com which has such a comprehensive library of several types of workouts. Other great tools include: FitTV, OnDemand with Fios, Biggest Loser branded workout dvd's....in fact, so many celebrities now have their own fitness dvd's I'm sure you'll find one that suits your fancy. (I know I've been eyeing to get Mike "The Situations" new workout dvd for my hubby!) Haha

Just get your cute tooshy moving!

If you're looking for inspiring stories check out www.keepingupwithkatie.com
Another fun blog is www.skinnyrunner.com - that girls cracks me up!

On that note, my husband has joined the bandwagon of working out (regularly) which I'm super excited about. He's back on his P90X kick (which, is another GREAT option for at home workouts!). So now, every evening I get to spend time with him while working out! A couple that sweats together, stays together :)

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