My workouts...

So, I've been reading about all these other people's workouts lately...thought I'd blog about mine :)

The hubs & I have been doing the P90X workout. Today marks the beginning of week 3....which means that we are nearly done with Phase 1. (It's a 3 Phase workout, each phase consisting of 4 weeks.)

So far the week's workout schedule has been:
M: Chest & back circuit /Abs
T: Plyometrics
W: Shoulder & arms circuit / Abs
Th: Yoga
F: Legs & back / Abs
S: Kenpo (kickboxing meets yoga)
Sunday: OFF

I try to throw in at least a 3 mile run on most days (this past week I slacked off & only totaled 10 miles for the entire week...YIKES!). This week though, I'm totally going to kick my butt & get my 20 miles in.

My favorite workouts are the plyo's & shoulder/arms. Incorporating plyo's has totally amped up my runs. The arms workout has definitely made me feel like when I wave, it's only my hand waving...that I've lost that "extra flattering jiggle" that my upper arm likes to do.

I feel like we're a walking endorsement for P90X. Tony Horton, send us a check! (Matt has not had one conversation that didn't revolve around in 90 days we may have lost alot of fat, and friends!)

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