tuesday's fashion....and an important sale!

Florida weather is totally cray-cray. Yesterday is chilly & windy, in the 70's in my neck of the woods. Today it's rainy & windy & OH SO HUMID, and in the 80's....but by Thanksgiving, it will be in the 40's!!!!



So today, I'm trying out a Florida winter look ;) actually, I really just wanted to wear a scarf.

(The top is from PINK. I'm seriously addicted to their clothing line.)

Bracelets: Renegade, Phoebe, Moxie, & Nikita
all by Stella & Dot

Also, you do not want to miss this! Sale items are reduced an additional 25% off!!! Holler baller!

These are a few of the items you can get at a ridiculously low price....

The Dakota necklace $79 $35.55

(this price is ridiculous!!! And there is a matching necklace!!!)

Olivia Bib necklace $118 $66.38

Seriously, go browse through the sale. It's a "don't wanna miss" kind of sale ;) There are a few charms on there too!

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