half marathon training recap, week 2

Training week #2 is done-zo.
I feel good about it, mainly since I didn't miss any scheduled runs. I tried working at a faster pace & feel like I accomplished it (somewhat). My hip flexor (specifically the iliopsoas) is still causing me issues while I run, but that's the only pain.
This week I rotated running in the early AM with running in the evening after work. I'm still partial to evening runs, but it's not really conducive to my new work schedule. I did notice that my early morning runs, while I felt alert & ready for work, after a few hours I started feeling a bit nauseated. I did eat breakfast & replenish fluids...so this week I plan to tweak some minor things & see if that helps alleviate the discomforts.

Here's what week 2 looked like:

Monday - easy run, 45 minutes
I pulled a "two-fer"...I didn't wake up in time do all the run before work, so I did 3 miles in the AM & 1.5 miles in the PM.
3 mile run @ 6:18AM, splits: 10'10, 10'21, & 10'14
1.5 mile run @ 5:55PM, 10'02 pace
(I went over the 45 minute mark...womp, womp)

Tuesday - moderate pace, 45 minutes
I tried to incorporate a little speed, by bumping up the speed .4 to.6 mph every .75 miles.
4.77 miles @ 5:58PM Splits: 10'40, 9'58, 9'57, 9'52
(I also had a 2 minute walk & cool down included in there...so the total run time was 45 minutes, but total workout time was 49 minutes)

Wednesday - easy run, 30 minutes
I did not want to run today. I hated this run.
2.92 miles @ 6:20PM, average pace 10'21

Thursday - rest
My goal on rest days is to do either Physique 57 workouts OR P90X's Cardio X workout. Epic fail.

Friday - easy run, 45 minutes
4.1 miles @ 6:23AM, Splits: 9'58, 10'33, 11'27, 11'49
This run was re-donk-u-lous. I was full from an endulgant sushi dinner the night before, & the bowels kicked in. TMI?

Saturday - easy run, 8 miles
I had to break this up into 2 back to back, 4 mile runs. My iPod decided to stop working after the first 4 miles. Womp, womp.
4.02 miles @ 9:15AM, Splits: 11'19, 10'50, 11'29, 11'20
4 miles @ 10:15AM, Splits: 10'39, 11'55, 10'55, 10'19

Total mileage: 24.35, average pace 10'39
My goals for week 3 are to continue to work on speed, but also bring back Physique 57 workouts.

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Anonymous said...

Love your recaps. While I train for my half marathon speed is my area of focus as well. It can feel so frustrating sometimes. Didn't miss one run during week 2? You rock! AWESOME job!!

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