fall trends: trend #1

Looking to spice things up with your wardrobe for fall!? I'll be sharing 3 trends to try, courtesy of Stella & Dot!

First up, Modern Femme - this may be my favorite!

This trend is all about the blush, rose, and neutral hues. I'm a HUGE fan of rose gold, so this is right up my alley. Here are a few pieces to integrate this trend into your wardrobe....

Yes, that is a little outside pocket for your phone. The fabric is mink nubuck blend, with the exception of the metallic area, which is saffiano. 

I LOVED this piece from the moment I saw it at our fashion show. The stones are handset in shades of pink & blush. It is such a stunner, and looks amazing paired with the Peach Somervell

The metallic geo chevron print is totally adorable, and this little pouch fits great inside the Bond Street Tote!
Use it as a clutch or a catch all. 

Here's the interior:

If you don't have rose gold in your wardrobe, this is a great starter piece!!!

Whenever my clients are looking for a "go to" piece, that layers nicely, can be paired with a tshirt & jeans, or dressed up, I constantly refer them to this piece. It's just a solid piece to have!


Actually, all the Nancy Studs are a staple item to have!  

Two more trends to come, this week!
Stay tuned!

a little q&a

I have been getting more emails lately about being a Stella & Dot stylist, so I thought I'd take it to the blog. (I'm also hosting an informative yet super casual event via Facebook next week. If you're interested, send me an email so I can get you the details!)

I am 34 weeks pregnant, mom to an adorable toddler, and wife to one amazing guy. I also work full time as a purchasing manager (3 days from home, 2 from the office)....so why on earth would I want to add to my already full plate???

Easy. The style is irresistible, and if "mama ain't happy...." ;) I have been with Stella & Dot for 2 years now. It was a huge thing for me to join a direct selling company....the stigma that comes with direct sales is not one I really wanted to have to deal with. A few bad apples, in my opinion, had ruined the entire bunch - - in this instance, one direct sales company being a "scheme", to me meant that all direct sales were a "scheme".

For anyone considering any position with a direct sales company, keep this in mind: pyramid schemes are illegal. Just because a company is "direct sales" does not mean it's a pyramid. I had to get that through my head when I was researching Stella & Dot.

Some of the top questions I have been asked regarding Stella & Dot:
1. What is the initial investment? I normally reply with, "what's your interest level?" We offer 3 different starter kit options: $199, $499, & $699. All of them provide you with a business in a box: everything you need to get your business off the ground. If this is more of a hobby option for you, then stick with the $199 kit. If you are looking to perhaps make a career change, then go for the $699 kit.
2. Do you actually make money with this? Um, YES. From the first day you sign on, you make 25% commissions on all of your sales. There is a potential of making 30% and even 35% commissions. Everything is laid out for you, and really user friendly. If you decide to "build a team" by sponsoring others that love the brand, then you'll build on your earnings and make even more. The potential to earn a living is definitely there - - - but like with working out, you get what you put into it!
3. How many hours do I have to work? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. This is your business. You would set your hours, and you would be the only one keeping YOU accountable. You could do a trunk show a month (average about $250 commissions), or you could do 4 trunk shows a month (average about $1000 commissions). I like to suggest to those asking me, evaluate your goals & needs. That will determine how much you "have to work". To be honest, this doesn't feel like work to me. I thoroughly enjoy working this business! Isn't that the best job? To work somewhere that you look forward to "working"???

With all that said, there are sporadic sign up specials that our corporate office offers throughout the year. One was literally just launched yesterday: an extra $100 in product credit to all new stylists. If you are even the least bit intrigued by this company, shoot me an email and let's discuss your hesitations / questions / concerns.

sale-ing with Stella & Dot

There is a BIG summer time sale going on over at my e-boutique.

Here are some of my top picks, that I don't think you should over look at these great prices!!

The Mercury NecklaceTwo metal chains stitched together by hand to create this unique hematite statement piece. Colored threads and rose gold metal nuggets make a truly avant garde look.
normally $168, on sale for $75.60


The Getaway in Red IkatHave style, will travel. This weekender makes packing a cinch. Expands in a zip for spontaneous shopping!
normally $138, on sale for $77.63


Mallorca ChandeliersWhite stones set in vintage gold with freely swinging drops. Laid back, casual, polished.
normally $49, on sale for $31.24

Luxembourg Scarf in Cerulean TigerWrap up in luxurious printed scarves this season. Keeping you cozy for a day of running errands and the most perfect comfortable wrap as you go into the night. It can be worn SO MANY WAYS: vest, skirt, sarong, and of course the billion ways you can tie it as a scarf
normally $59, on sale for $22.13

Eden RingThis darling cubic zirconia pave pyramid sits on top of a hand-sculpted shank. Available in sizes 5 to 9.
normally $29, on sale for $13.05


Etoile PendantSee how you sparkle in this sterling silver disc pendant dangling from a sterling silver chain. Cubic Zirconia stones play with the light. Toss on a pair of matching Etoile Drops—dazzling. Also makes a brilliant gift.
normally $59, on sale for $35.40

Those are just some of my top picks from our SALE! But you definitely need to check out everything on sale, and do it fast! Prices go back up on 9/2! Check it all out HERE.

where i've been, where i'm going

Holy smokes! I had no idea it had been over TWO months since my last post. Life in our household has been crazy to say the least!
In June & July we went on several trips:
Las Vegas

I can not believe that I have a 2 year old that has now been to Vegas THREE times. Insane.

Orlando (for my annual Stella & Dot convention!)
more on this to come, but I promoted within the company & got this cute bracelet!

San Francisco

bumped into Derek Hough & he insisted on taking a selfie

the Nordstrom Rack in Fremont (outside of SF) is always such a treasure hunt! 
Scored some great stuff, like Sperry's for BittyBeau for only $9.97!!

Once we got back to reality it was time to honor this pretty lady & her growing bump, with a baby shower!

Our due dates are 10 days apart!

Of course I had to do a diaper cake - attempted the stroller this time

So that brings us to the present....I'm still chugging along with this baby bump. 34 weeks!!! And I have still been doing my Stella & Dot trunk shows. Had 2 this past week, and my last one will be September 12th before I take a break to prep for baby #2's arrival. Just another perk to this business....I can flex in & out to suit my life. I plan on doing more virtual shows over my leave, and then I'll resume in home shows at the end of October. I can't stay away too long ;) it's too much fun!

I did go ahead & sign up for this beast....

Just the 10K though! Once baby #2 is here, I'll resume my workout & training posts :)

So that was a super brief catch up on the past 2 months. Lots in store for the remainder of the year!!!

dressing the bump

I have found a hidden gem for maternity wear! I am loving this little online boutique!!!

MattyB was reviewing our credit card statement & politely asked: "what's this Pink Blush store?". I replied with "only the best maternity shop!".
MB: What's so special about it?
Me: No one else I know is shopping there, plus I can look cute in their stuff - not the normal frumpy maternity wear!
MB: eye roll

Thought I would share 2 styles I picked up recently.
I know, my photog skills are still uber amazing. Be jelly.

Bracelets 1, 2, 3

Sorry for my absence lately. Chasing a toddler & being 22 weeks prego has left me all kinds of brainless. Seriously. Hours of Sesame Street is really frying my brain. I caught myself watching it well after Beau had gone down for his nap.

22 weeks down....

travelling in style

My last post was in April! I guess I didn't realize how crazy life has been lately. But enough about that ;) we're all so busy, aren't we!?

I recently ordered in this bag, and I wanted to share with you how much I love it & can not WAIT to use it for our summer travels!!

It's The Getaway bag (so aptly named). After much debate, I went with the navy/red medallion - which must be my new favorite print, because I realized after it arrived that my La Totale is in the SAME print! :) 

Some things I love, besides the print, of this bag:
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Unzips 3/4 of the way down to expand in height for those random shopping excursions ;)
  • The portion that unzips has a coordinating print....gotta keep everything cute!
  • The fabric is a woven, spill resistant fabric - - it's the same type of fabric that Prada uses! 

Here are some more details on the bag:
  • Measurements: height - 15", height (expanded) - 19.25", length - 23", depth - 8", strap drop - 8.5".
  • Exterior: navy/red medallion on spill resistant woven fabric.
  • Interior lining: red mosaic tile on spill resistant material.
  • Expandable compartment: navy/red dot print on woven fabric.
  • Trim and handles: camel textured lizard.
  • Top zip closure.
  • Signature Stella & Dot Hardware: silver clover charm on zip pull.
  • 1 Exterior slip pocket and 1 Interior zip pocket.
  • Available in painted zebra, mariposa, red ikat, elephant, multistripe, green ikat and navy/red medallion.

There is SO much room inside!!! I was packing for a trunk show tomorrow evening, and so much of my display & samples fits in this bag! I'm clearly totally stoked.

Another fun thing? Right now, you can get a free Hang On with any Getaway purchase! So I went with our stripe print....

Color coordinated to match the Getaway!

More of the print I love :)

While the obvious use of this Hang On may be cosmetics / toiletries....I think it would also be a great item to have for bag organization. 
Here are some random uses:
  • baby items (diapers, wipes)
  • food storage (toddler snacks, snacks for me, utensils, etc)
  • stuff that you really just don't want spilling into your bag (pens, pencils, crayons, etc)
And I was even thinking you could fill it with items & gift it to someone special! So for the teacher, perhaps fill it with their favorite candy / snack, a book for relaxing, some lotion, etc. 

I just love the versatility!!!

What do you think? What cute travel accessories have you come across lately?

for the shoe lover

I have been eagerly waiting for this collaboration to hit the stores! Sophia Webster paired up with J.Crew & there are some hot, fabulous shoes as a result!!!

I found Sophia Webster via Instagram....and discovered she's a UK designer, with an insane knack for designing uniquely beautiful shoes that I want....on my feet....now. Some of them do look kinda painful. I find myself going more towards kitten heels & wedges these days.

Regardless, the collection is awesome!!! Here are my favorites:

(love the name)

Now if maybe she did a design collaboration with Target, MattyB may let me get a pair!

flash sale alert

48 hour flash sale going on! Time to stock up on some fabulous pieces at a fraction of the price.

I just happen to be wearing the Ivie Bangle today...

Paired the Ivie Bangle with Gilded Arrow & Cady

raising awareness....

I am super late to the game on this - but I figure, better late than never, right!?

In case you are unaware, April is Autism Awareness month. As a company, Stella & Dot has teamed up with the HollyRod Foundation to help raise awareness & funds. We launched some exclusive items, all of whose proceeds go to benefit this amazing cause.

This cute little video from Holly Robinson-Peete details the collection & some other information....

Here are the individual items in the boutique....what do you think?

The Visionary Bracelet

The Clear-Marine Pouf

The Boardwalk Tote

The Zippy Pouch Trio

I want to hear from you - weigh in on what you think about these pieces. Are there any causes that you support!?

Don't forget to check out my Facebook Page - there is a special event going on all of April. So if you decide you like one of these pieces, and want to support the cause - be sure to check out Facebook! You'll thank me :)

a mild obsession....

A few know me well enough to know that I have a minor mild major obsession with Victoria's Secret. I have been a cardholder since I was able to - and every season I look forward to those "mystery rewards cards" in hopes of one day, receiving one worth more than a whopping $10.

With that said, my obsession has promoted me to the "Forever Angel" status.
*hangs head in shame*
That status comes with lots of perks (free gifts) and increased Angel Rewards (store credit). It also comes with admittance into this "Angels Forever Panel" which is an online community of fellow obsessed gals like myself.

Each month they have an "Angel of the Month" - - -I was chosen for February. And yes, that's the closest I'll ever get to being a VS Angel.....

That was my little blurb & head shot that they featured about moi'.

So another notable thing is that I now have the opportunity to try out products for FREE. Yup! FREE. No 5 finger discount, just straight up free.

I got the invitation to try out the new T Shirt bra (in the color of my choosing). I was super stoked....who doesn't love free product!? 

So I was super skeptical of this bra and really thought I would hate it.

Surprisingly, it's actually a keeper! It's super comfortable, minimal padding, and feels really light. You forget you're wearing it. Plus it fits great underneath your more casual clothing....like t shirts's ;)

If you have been intrigued about trying out this bra since seeing it's debut - DO IT.
At least go try it on in the store.
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